The world’s most beautiful places for hiking

Hiking can be done anywhere, but a tour of the world’s most beautiful places is always more fun! Whatever your destination, travel insurance is highly recommended.


The Torres del Paine circuit (Chile)

A 10-day hike in this national park offers sublime scenery. This reserve is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Walls of pink granite reaching 3048 m, light-blue glaciers and lakes, waterfalls: you’ll be right up close to the glaciers!
It is possible to pitch a tent or sleep in a hostel.
The course is open to all levels, so you won’t need a guide.
The best period is from December to March to enjoy long days.

Appalachian Trail (United States)

With 3,500 km, this region is almost entirely wilderness. You only leave the forest a few times, and it’s a real change of scenery. Some 9,000 people have already completed the 6-month trek! Don’t worry, there are access points all along the trail, so you can choose the length of your hike (even a day hike is possible).
What’s more, the difficulty varies, with some sections flat and easy and others more rhythmic, some even requiring the use of your hands. Some trails are more populated than others, others are very muddy, or full of mosquitoes. Ask our guides for more information.
The best times to visit are Spring and Autumn.

Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

This 5/6-day excursion takes you to the roof of Africa for the best view of Tanzania, at 5,895 meters. You’ll start in the rainforest, then move on to the plateau region, and finally reach the hardest part: the summit of Kilimanjaro. The trail rises steeply on the final stage, and you’ll pass through snow and glaciers on the summit. The best period is from June to February.

The Annapurna circuit (Nepal)

206 km of horseshoe-shaped rice fields, jungle, deep canyons, torrents and snow-capped peaks. Along the way, you’ll see the tea houses, the yak cheese… You’ll be immersed in the scenery! It takes about 3 weeks to complete the circuit. The trails are good and the climb is gradual.
However, before going on the circuit, you must have obtained a trekking permit, which can easily be purchased in Kathmandu.
October is the best month for good weather. You can sleep in lodges or in tents and make the journey with or without a guide.

The Inca Trail (Peru)

High up in the Andes, it’s a mythical place. Disappear in cloud forests, cross valleys and ridges, stop at archaeological sites… Beneath your feet, you’ll hear the Urubamba River winding its way around the base of the mountain. The flora and fauna are very rich.
You don’t need to be a trekking expert to do this 4-day, 45 km hike. Just get used to the altitude, as the trail climbs above 4,000 meters. It’s best to be accompanied on this hike.
It’s best to go from April to October to avoid the rainy season.

The West Coast Trail (British Columbia)

Caves, coves, cliffs, sea lions on the beach, whales, but no hikers! This is the Canadian wilderness, not too far from civilization. You can walk both on the beaches and through the forests. Cable cars, ladders and roped crossings add to the adventure. The terrain is very varied!
Only open from May to September for 52 hikers per day.

Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)

The 170km circuit is circular, taking 2 weeks to pass through France, Italy and Switzerland. On the program: fabulous scenery of vast alpine pastures, valleys, blue glaciers and white peaks, and excellent food.
Difficulty is medium. But remember to book your accommodation in advance (or plan to camp). The best time to enjoy them is from June to September.

Tongariro Northern Circuit (New Zealand)

This expedition takes you around one of the island’s 3 northern volcanoes: Mount Ngauruhoe. You’ll also cross volcanic deserts, plains, emerald lakes and lush forests.
December to March is the best time.
You don’t need a guide – the path is well signposted. And the challenge is average, with some sections a little difficult.

Glacier National Park (Montana, USA)

Following the Canadian border, you’ll share this 104 km hike with the beasts (birds, elk, black bear, grizzly bear and bighorn sheep). The best period is from July to September. The level of difficulty is medium, but the trails are well-marked. Be sure to book your admission well in advance. You will also need to reserve your campsite for each night of the tour.

GR20 (Corsica, France)

168 mythical km in 15 days across Corsica. The route takes in forests, granite reliefs, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, scrubland, snow-capped peaks and plains.
The level is quite difficult, with rocky and slippery walls. The best period is from June to mid-October. Please note that bivouacs are only permitted in specific areas near the refuges and at the foot of Mount Incudine.

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