Time difference: how to fight it?

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a vacation, you want to make the most of the few days there or just be fit for an important meeting, so you have to get ready!


Crossing several time zones can cause insomnia and a willingness to sleep during the day. The organization needs several days to adjust to the new time zone.

So we give you some tips to try to control the negative effects of jet lag.

Getting fit

Several preventative measures are possible to minimize the effects of jet lag on the body:


  • Drink plenty of water the days before the trip.
  • Avoid consuming too many stimulants: coffee, tobacco, alcohol.
  • Ideally, choose a night flight to hope to sleep on the plane.
  • Try to get to your destination at the end of the day, the pace being easier to take.
  • Shift mealtime/sleep quarter of an hour, by quarter of an hour the week before departure:
    • Eastward – Eating and sleeping earlier than usual
    • To the West – Eat and go to bed later than usual

Business travel

Plan your meetings on Monday and leave on Saturday to have a day of acclimatization.

Good conditions on the plane

To arrive in good conditions, you have to gain hours of sleep on the plane. For this it is better:

  • Plan to fight noise and light
  • Provide adequate and comfortable hold

Once there

Settle as quickly as possible at the times. If you arrive during the day, wait until evening before going to bed.

The first night is important, go to bed early, in the dark and avoid meals too heavy with carbohydrates.

To leave even more serene, don’t forget to take out travel insurance. Your nights will be better if you know yourself well protected.

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