Why travel in September?

Many people prefer to leave in September, so here are a few good reasons to postpone your departure. Provided, of course, you’re not tied to school vacations.


More affordable prices

It’s not news that rentals are cheaper out of season, and prices can be as much as half what they are in August. This goes hand in hand with the price of train or plane tickets.

Indian summer

The heat is more bearable, you can go out more easily between 12pm and 4pm, and you can lie on your towel without too much fear of sunburn while you perfect your tan.

Avoid the crowds

Now that the high season is over, it’s time for some peace and quiet: less crowded tourist spots, less crowded beaches, clearer roads… In short, an even more relaxing vacation without all the hassles of high summer.

Enjoy the authentic charm of your destination

In August or July, it’s hard to imagine the places we visit without its many tourists. The best thing about leaving in September is that you get to experience the real atmosphere of the city without all the tourists, but with the locals.

The locals are nicer

Seasonal workers, shopkeepers and local residents are more relaxed after 2 busy months. You’ll certainly be better received than in midsummer.

So don’t hesitate to make your reservations!

Depending on your destination, don’t forget to think about your travel insurance. If you’re planning a long-haul trip, you should also take out international health and repatriation insurance.

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