The Philippines and its 9 must-sees

20 hours flight for an extremely welcoming population, a country accessible financially and still little tourist, sumptuous landscapes, traditions unique in the world, paradise beaches, a tropical climate throughout the year …. In short it’s worth it! Here’s where to go to make the most of your stay in the Philippines.

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1 – Intramuros in Manila

This city has no great tourist interest, except its oldest neighborhood: Intramuros. You can see the beautiful San Augustine Church built in 1571, which survived natural disasters and numerous bombings during the Second World War.
48km from Manila, the former American base, called the Corregidor is also a great visit. You can see ancient fortifications, cannons and barracks.

2 – Boracay

It is one of the most tourist destinations in the Philippines. The reason is simple: there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, such as Ariel Point beach. If you like parties on the beach, you are in the right place, indeed it is also the St Tropez of the Philippines.

3 – Mount Mayon

Located on the island of Lucon, it is the most active volcano in the country. Many disasters have happened, but it remains a must-see.

4 – El Nido

White sandy beaches, light blue lagoons, this is the tropical paradise of the Philippines.

5 – Banaue terraced rice fields

In other words, the eighth wonder of the world. A hike in these rice fields from 2000 years to 6000 years, built on the mountains, offers a superb landscape.

6 – Vigan

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a perfect example of a Spanish colonial city in Asia. It is known for its cobbled streets and unique architecture between Spain and Asia.

7 – Incredible dives (whale sharks, turtles, …)

Oslob and Donsol

These are the two places where you can see and swim next to the great whale sharks that are attracted to food. The best season to see them is between February and April.

Apo Reef

It is the largest coral reef in the Philippines. Diving in this marine reserve will allow you to observe exceptional marine fauna (sharks, turtles…) as well as magnificent corals.

Puerto Galera

Renowned for its many dive spots that are easy to access. There’s something for everyone, if you don’t dive, the surroundings are fun to explore, including the sublime waterfalls.

Tubbataha Reef

Located in the middle of the Sulu Sea, this protected marine park is quite difficult to access (expensive and accessible from mid-March to mid-June). It is one of the top 10 best diving spots in the world, thanks to its very high biodiversity.

8 – Bohol Island

Bohol offers many attractions, especially the Chocolate Hills, which are 30 to 50 meter high cone-shaped hills. You can also see Tarsiers (a small primate with huge eyes). It is a fairly touristy place you will find many resorts, bars and restaurants along the beach. You can drink a fruit juice before the sunset, snorkel…

9 – Batanes

An archipelago of ten islands located at the northern tip of the country and which offers beautiful green landscapes, it is quite different from the rest of the Philippines.

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