The consequences of Brexit for travellers

After the famous Brexit referendum, many questions remain unanswered,especially as to what will happen to tourism exchanges between the UK and France. Travellers are already worried about whether they will now have to get a visa to visit the country. They also want to know if the European Health Insurance Card will still work after the divorce is formalized.


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Rising cost of living across the UK

Since the referendum in 2016 and the british people’s desire to leave the European Union, the pound has fallen by about 15% against the euro. In this sense, prices have increased relatively, which has therefore had an impact on the price of travel to the United Kingdom. The UK is one of the most visited countries in Europe. The British are also used to travelling on European territory. Higher prices could reduce the number of stays and thus have a negative impact on the tourism economy in the European Union.

Similarly, airlines are forecasting an increase in airfares. The main reason is that leaving the European Union will lead to the abolition of European agreements and treaties, including the Open Skies Treaty. Since 2004, all airlines based on a Member State have been able to operate freely on European territory. Without any agreement on this matter by October 2019, there could be a temporary interruption of flights between the European Union and the UK.


New obligations to return to the UK

With the free movement of all citizens on European territory, all it takes is an identity card to travel. However, Brexit will lead to new obligations to return to the territory. In this sense, the British will probably have to bring a visa and a passport to visit the European Union, and they will have to obtain the same documents to come to the UK.
Depending on the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, an agreement may be reached to determine the conditions of entry into the country.


The disappearance of the health system for European travellers

The status of a European citizen also gives the right to the European health insurance card to be treated and reimbursed in another member country. With a simple request from the relevant agencies, you have free access to hospitals in case of emergency (for stays of less than 90 days). With the exit from the European Union, this right will no longer be valid on British territory and it will be necessary to have international health insurance for the United Kingdom to make the most of its stay. For British citizens, they will have to take out travel insurance for all their tripsto Europe as their European health insurance card will no longer be valid and accepted in other European countries.

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