The French people, in poorer health than their European neighbours

In the European Union, the wrong students are not the ones we think they are. In terms of health, France is sometimes first in the rankings but when compared to other countries of the European Union, France is not the undisputed champion in this field.


The French, their strengths and weaknesses

The quality of life in France is undeniable,which is why the French live longer than all their European neighbours.

Nevertheless, the French are difficult to detach themselves from their daily habits: the alcohol and tobacco consumed in excess promote the occurrence of cancers and other diseases, hence an increase in cancers, fortunately detected in time for the most part.

Vulnerable French from childhood to adulthood

Compared to other European countries, the infant mortality rate and perinatal mortality rate are relatively high in France,but they sometimes correspond to non-natural factors which skews the comparison with other European Union. Beyond the stage of childhood, the French are also inclined to have suicidal thoughts and to make them happen, which is unfortunately common in developed countries.

Nevertheless, the French are generally healthy, and this is the most important. They are less affected by cardiovascular disease than in other European Union countries and have a high birth rate for an industrialized country.

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