Choose your travel insurance online

Going on vacation abroad? Planning to study or do an internship abroad? Do you have the opportunity to go to work for less than a year? A new online underwriting program has been developed on our website to help you choose travel insurance abroad.


The advantages of online subscription

Easier to use, more practical, with improved graphics and above all adapted to the needs of our customers, the online purchase of your travel insurance has many advantages:

You can request a quote online, which will immediately offer you the most comprehensivetravel insurance suited to your situation (based on several criteria: your budget, the length of your stay, etc.).

Our travel insurance policies offer 100% reimbursement of actual expenses, with no deductible and ceilings adapted to stays in countries where medical costs are very high. We offer preferential rates, especially for students and those on Working Holiday Visas.

For example, for a young person going to the USA for 12 months to study or do an internship as part of his or her studies, there is no limit to the amount of medical expenses reimbursed. The cost of US insurance will be 360 euros for 12 months.
For a person going on a 3-week vacation to Asia, 2 different travel insurances can be offered. A very comprehensive one with good warranties and a more economical one with inferior warranties.

The program allows you to sign up immediately online in a secure transaction thanks to the 3D Secure system, for a subscription in complete confidence. Our advisors are always available by phone or e-mail. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive your membership certificate by e-mail, with all the information you need for your stay abroad: number of our 24-hour assistance platform, address of our management center…etc.

For expatriates already living abroad, we also offer specific expatriation insurance tailored to their needs. Simply request a personalized quote for expatriation insurance.

We’ve been advising travelers and expatriates abroad for over 10 years. Need more information about our contracts? Contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions!

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