You go abroad, what does Social Security cover?

You go abroad, will French social security cover you?

Depending on your destination, length of stay, work situation and needs, the answer to this question varies widely and is often case-by-case.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that France has bilateral agreements with certain countries and in particular with the countries of the European Union to cover health and other social benefits (old age, disability, unemployment… etc.) with the country of residence.

If you are going to a country of the European Union and you are still affiliated with the French social security, this differs depending on the length of your stay and your situation (student, retired, seconded… etc.), it may be interesting to take only a specific health supplement for the international.

The other option available to you is to take out insurance called 1st euro which reimburses you of your health costs without any intervention of the French social security or the local health system. This option is often the most attractive financially and allows you to avoid many complications (waiting time, reimbursement time, choice of circuit of doctors outside the local system, management of direct hospitalization costs by insurance and not by you… etc.). This is usually the necessary solution for countries outside the European Union. This is often the only solution if there is no agreement between France and your country of residence or if the local health system is of poor quality.

If you have just returned from an expatriation, you will be taken care of immediately by the French social security if you are working in France (as an employee or self-employed), if you are a student, looking for a job, retired. You’ll need a health supplement. On the website you will find detailed information on the operation of Social Security and mutual health guarantees. You can also make an online quote or edit comparison tables to help you evaluate complementary health offers.

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