Pollen allergies make a comeback on sunny days

Learn how to protect yourself from the scourge of modern (prin)time!

Every year in the spring, it’s the same story: weeping eyes, sneezing, itching… It’s okay, you’re allergic to pollen of all kinds!
More and more people are affected by this type of allergy, especially in large cities where many trees with allergenic pollens have been planted in the past. According to a report by ANSES , 30 of the French have a pollen allergy.


Here are some simple tips to avoid all these little inconveniences of everyday life:

  • Check out the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network bulletins to let you know about the potential exposure to pollen you may be suffering from.
  • Wear sunglasses as well as a scarf or scarf: this will be a barrier between pollen and your eyes and nose. For the most extreme cases, especially if you are doing physical exercises, a small mask is recommended.
  • Wash your face with clear water before going to bed: you will get rid of small pollen particles that could have hung on your skin and contaminated your sheets and pillows.
  • Carry a bottle of eye drops in your bag: useful for relieving your eyes at all times.
  • In the car, roll closed windows to prevent pollen from intrusion into the passenger compartment.

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