Your insurance in Australia and health insurance in Canada at a reduced rate

Do you want to work in Australia for a PVT or after 30 years? Would you like to work in Canada with a French diploma or go to Canada for a PVT?


Your insurance in Australia

Whether you want to work on a farm in Australia or as a computer engineer, your expatriation to Australia is getting ready in advance and medical insurance in Australia is fundamental.

To get your visa to Australia, having health insurance is mandatory. If you are going to PVT,Mondassur offersyou Junior International PVT insurance and if you are leaving or want to stay in Australia, you will need to take out international medical insurance for the long term.

Your insurance in Canada

Whether you are going for up to one year or 18 months in PVT, studying in Canada or on the contrary with an EIC visa for Canada to work as a salesman or to look for a job in Canada as an airline pilot or engineer, you will need a Social Insurance for Canada. You will not necessarily benefit from the RamQ which does not cover all expenses in full and certainly not in your home country or when you travel especially in the United States.

Canada welcomes many young professionals to work in French for Francophones but also in English especially for those who leave outside Quebec.

If you live in Canada for a limited time (e.g. EIC visa or PVT in Canada)without being able to benefit from health insurance as an expatriate in Canada, you must take out international health insurance.

Reduced rates for insurance in Australia and health coverage in Canada

Mondassur has been able to negotiate with its insurers a reduced rate of more than 40% on Canada and 20% on Australia on Goldexpat International Health Insurance. These new rates, effective on April 1st, 2019, allow a young pro in Canada or Australia to work safely while being covered for accidents and illnesses that do not only happen to others or older people. This reduction is due to a change in geographical area allowing you to always be insured in other countries with higher rates for accidents and unexpected illnesses.

Examples of Mondassur international medical insurance rates:

Insurance prices in Australia (Goldexpat Access)

  • Michael, 28, biology researcher in Australia: 84 euros per month
  • Jocelyn, 24, salesman in Australia: 80 euros per month

Goldexpat Access

  • Nicolas, 30, engineer in Canada: 105 euros per month
  • Charlotte, 36, nurse in Canada: 143 euros per month

You have the option to determine the level of guarantees you want with in any case a 100 coverage of hospitalization and maternity management in all our forms with the option of choosing higher coverage depending on your dental, optical, maternity and wellness needs including nutrition, alternative medicines or psychology.

Mondassur has been insuring many expatriates in Australia or Canada for several years. We help you compare the different health insurance sities for the foreign country and find the one that best suits your needs. For a comparison of international insurance, contact our experts who will inform you about the new insurance rates for Australia and Canada.

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