How do I make friends on site as an expatriate?

Recent surveys show that expatriates are easily able to create a friendly network in their host country with locals.
Leaving your country to move to another is not always an easy choice, especially for those who do not have ties in their new host country.


Whatever the motivations that lead you to move to another country,and whatever supports you find when we arrive in a new country, you still have to rebuild a new social universe, including a friendly universe.

How to organize your social and friendly life when you are French expatriates?

To integrate with the local population, just consider yourself as “guest”, all the peoples of the civilized world are happy to welcome foreigners who come to them, and are ready to help them if they feel a willingness to integrate with their lives, their culture and their uses.

You have already made the decision to “expat” yourself, in a way this is the most difficult part. You must continue your momentum by going beyond any shyness or reserve and especially by going to others to integrate with the local population.

First of all,learning the local language seems essential if you had little knowledge when you arrived. You can enrol in language courses,this can also be a way to have contact with other expats, although it is best to immerse yourself as quickly as possible with the local population, the one with whom you now share your daily life…

Several solutions to quickly find new friends

Local associations:

Join local, cultural or sports associations, it’s a more than effective way to get to know the world and make friends that will help you integrate, by introducing you to their city, their country and their region, they will be able to communicate local “good plans”.

Joining expat groups on social networks

You can join communities of people of your nationality or other. This allows you not to feel alone in this new life you are undertaking. In addition to making you new acquaintances, it allows you to practice the language, to exchange with different cultures…

Your office colleagues:

If you are lucky enough to have a job and get along well with your colleagues, it’s downright the jackpot. Go for a drink after work to decompress it feels good, and it’s a good way to meet people through everyone’s knowledge.

Find a roommate:

If you go alone, sharing is a way to get to know new people, to motivate you to go out for a drink at night for example. This allows you from the beginning not to find yourself alone at home.
It is really a misconception to think that “locals” are hostile to “foreigners”. On the contrary, the tradition of welcoming many countries favours newcomers, provided they do not behave as conquerors.

So be natural, talk about yourself and listen to others,it’s the best way to integrate quickly and above all, to make friends. Adopt your new city or country, and they will adopt you too.

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