Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

The desire to promote foreign investment and ensure the modernization of the country’s infrastructure, coupled with an advantageous geographical location in terms of access to North America, make Costa Rica a place to create Corporate enterprise. If you want to pass the expatriation milestone and move to Costa Rica do not forget the important step of international healthinsurance that will cover all your medical expenses and allow you to leave peace of mind.


Great natural resources

Costa Rica is a Central American country of nearly 5 million people, bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Although the country is small and covers only 0.03% of the world’s surface area, it hosts 5 of the world’s biodiversity. More than 25% of the country is made up of protected or preserved natural territories.

A developing company

The country has prided itself on its democratic tradition for more than 190 years, and having abolished the army for about half a century (1948). Today, money that could be spent for military purposes is invested to improve Costa Rican living standards, which has led to a culture of social peace that is very present in the country.

Strong economic potential

Costa Rica is also an attractive country for investment and has significant potential in establishing large multinational companies, thanks to the academic level of the population that stands out from other countries in the region, as well as higher levels of services and political and social stability.

Our advice to entrepreneurs

Be aware of the notion of time and cultural differences

In Costa Rica, the weather is stretchy and there are many delays at professional and personal appointments. A delay or even an oversight of the appointment does not mean a lack of interest from your interlocutor. Another important point to take into account: the Costa Rican does not like confrontation and does not know how to say “no”. It is therefore necessary tobe diplomatic and to learn to interpret the answers.

Be patient with administrative procedures

In Costa Rica, the administrative procedures are cumbersome and time-consuming to obtain a residence permit. It is best to use a good law firm (by learning first) to ensure greater efficiency and speed.

Be accompanied by the CCIFCR

The CCI France-Costa Rica has a business support department that accompanies French companies and entrepreneurs wishing to try the Costa Rican adventure! The CCIFCR offers several services such as prospecting missions, market research, corporate domicile, recruitment assistance and of course its expertise, seriousness and network to help you establish yourself in the countries in a sustainable way.

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