6 essential tips for doing business in Japan

The key words for Japan: Professionalism, Patience and Perseverance!

Think about taking out your insurance for Japan!


  • No amateurism, be professional andaccurate. A few examples: leave documents at the end of the meeting or better your presentation on USB stick.
  • Get help. Sometimes it’s better to pay for the services of a specialist intermediary on Japan, a facilitator, rather than wasting a lot of time so money trying to do it all yourself! Remember that Japan is a country of intermediaries.
  • The ritual of exchanging business cards is a very important must: to reach out to the interlocutor with both hands and carefully read the one you are handed!
  • Beware of quiproquos: Speak clearly, make regular summaries, let your interlocutor express himself and never consider that he has fully understood your words!
  • Stay modest and calm. Don’t go away in “Latin” anger and don’t show your feelings even if your interlocutor infuriates you!
  • Don’t rush the pace. You must be and remain available to your interlocutors even on holiday without rushing things. The Japanese are loyal and the relationship is long-term. It is better to lose a few weeks or months in the negotiation to put all your chances on your side.

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