5 benefits of moving abroad with your family

As we approach the big start, the pressure is felt and the questions follow in your parent’s head: “Will my children integrate?”, “How are they going to live away from the rest of the family”, “What will happen if we don’t like our life over there?”


It is true that this is no small matter. Because it means that each member has to adapt: new life, new country, new culture, new friends and sometimes new language. To carry out this project and make it a success, discussions will of course be necessary, as well as good administrative,material and psychological preparation.

Of course, some cheerleaders will not fail to judge this decision to be unconscious, selfish, thoughtless, and to tell you of their misunderstanding. Guilt and doubts will thus regularly curb (or even spoil) your excitement, joy and impatience, during the months before your departure. Not to mention a few sleepless nights and sunken chocolate bars… 😉

yet… it’s certainly one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life, both for yourself and for the kids. For a wonderful adventure awaits you (which will not prevent it from being strewn with pitfalls).

On the other hand, one would think that moving solo or two has more advantages than in the tribe: more practical, simpler, etc. During preparation perhaps (less paperwork, no school or daycare research, budget, etc.), but once there: that nenni !!!!

Here is proof by 5 that going abroad with a family has many advantages. Alarged expatation allows, among other things,:

1- Welding the family

Faced with difficulties and the unknown, humans tend to seek refuge with their loved ones. “Unity is strength” is a saying that is particularly true during an expatriation: braving the hardships of life abroad,members of the same family will show more solidarity with each other than in their homeland.
There’s nothing likeexpatriation to weld a family: bonds are getting closer, confidences are becoming more common, shared moments more numerous, and memories are unforgettable.

2- Integrate faster and easier

Long live school! Thanks to her, our dear toddlers will make new friends and discover that friendship transcends borders. But the good news is that it will also benefit parents. 😉
As for adults, the school is indeed a magnificent breeding ground for potential acquaintances and friends. Parents who bring their children to this school have a lot in common with you: the children (Hello Mr. La Palissade), the neighbourhood, the concerns and activities. The topics of conversation are numerous, which makes the approach easier: homework, teachers, lice, … 😀
Nothing beats waiting for hours on a bench (for Junior’s game to be over) to start a conversation with another “clerk of the office”: time passes faster, don’t you think? 😉

3- Learn a language much faster

Learning a foreign language is a must in some countries and again, it is very convenient to be many to be faced with the same “problem”.
Prepare yourself mentally to have your children cut the grass under your feet: attending local schools or small neighbours, not to mention their brains that are less “wrinkled” and more spongy than yours, will allow them to learn at a speedy Lightning.
Valuing for them (“I speak better than Mom”, “Dad, with your accent, the gentleman understands nothing”), challenging and tender for you: everyone finds his account and you learn and master the local language faster than if you were expat alone or in two.

4- Positiver

Contrary to popular belief, life abroad is not always idyllic: it is regularly punctuated and tarnished by moments of doubt and/or blues.
Alone or even in two we allow ourselves to be more easily sad, moaning and “crying over one’s fate”. Whereas with children, one must be high and show a positive attitude and overcome one’s own homesickness, especially if the children have been reluctant from the outset to this expatriation or have experienced the departure abroad as a uprooting.
It is up to us to reassure them, to prove to them on a daily basis the merits and benefits of expatriation, and to make them want to integrate: we insist on the good sides of their new life, we congratulate them, we encourage them, we admire them for their speed and ease of adaptation and above all, we are patient.
Mine of nothing, by doing so, we do not have time to feel sorry for ourselves and we learn to overcome our homesickness and appreciate the good sides of this beautiful family adventure.

5- Discover, discover, discover!

Following the logic of the previous point, so that our children (and we of course) enjoy their lives abroad, we make sure to make each day free: we visit a new place, participate in a local activity, attend a traditional party, meet locals, etc.
In short, we do not remain cloistered at home: we go out and we make each outing an adventure … while alone, the temptation is great to stay at home, spend hours on the Internet or in front of the TV … and miss out on a lot of things!
In short, going to live abroad with his tribe has its share of fears, efforts and pitfalls, but dear parents, believe me, if you have the opportunity to live this beautiful adventure, the “game” is worth it. 🙂

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