Why a WHP is good for your CV?

Moving to the other side of the world for 1 year is a real adventure. But like all good things, adventure comes at a price, and that price is often having to let go of your professional situation.
Whether you’re a student, an employee or in the transition from school to work, the working vacation visa will literally mark a pause in your academic or professional career. From the moment you set foot on the soil of your host country, you’ll no longer be a student or an employee, but will have the status of a “PVTiste”, and thus break away from the classic career pattern.


This professional “break” puts a damper on the hopes of many PVT applicants who, for fear of missing out on a permanent contract or of losing the interest of recruiters on their return, prefer not to leave their country. While these negative thoughts are sometimes true, fortunately there are many good reasons to spend 1 year on the other side of the world. Reasons that may interest recruiters, enrich your CV and are therefore worth mentioning. Here are five of them:

Going off alone to the end of the world means taking a risk

The risk of failing and going home penniless, but also the risk of succeeding and achieving total fulfillment. What could be more attractive to a recruiter than a young graduate capable of taking calculated risks? Many professional fields are based on risk-taking. Isn’t marketing a positioning chosen by companies to try and reach as many consumers as possible? Aren’t the laws of the financial markets based on continuous risk-taking? People who know how to take risks are the ones who move forward and drive businesses forward. The PVTist profile can therefore be of great interest to recruiters looking for enterprising people who know how to take real initiative.

1 year abroad means a new language on your CV

Unless you’re doing a WHP in a French-speaking country, you’ll almost certainly be forced to practice a language that isn’t your mother tongue for 1 year. It’s hard not to improve your language skills when you simply have no choice. So take advantage of this year to learn a new language like Japanese and improve your everyday English. It will certainly look great on your CV, and may even open doors to international positions that were previously out of reach.

1 year means managing a budget

Unless you’re staying with your beloved aunt, or you’re Bill Gates’ grandson, you’re certainly not going to go on a WHP abroad with unlimited finances. Some of you will even leave with the minimum amount of money needed to survive before finding a job. And yet, you’ll need to get through 1 year financially, whether in terms of accommodation, food, outings, transport, and all the wonderful ancillary costs we don’t always think about. What better opportunity than a WHP to test your budgeting skills? If you last 1 year and leave with a small or medium amount of money, that’s a strong point to emphasize to recruiters on your return. Many management positions require the ability to manage a budget, which can sometimes vary.

Beautiful minds meet

You’ve certainly heard it many times during your studies: the most important thing is to build a network. You know, that trendy new word that has replaced the overly pejorative piston. On a more serious note, spending 1 year on the other side of the world gives you the opportunity to meet similar and sometimes complementary people with whom you may want to set up a business in the future! If you don’t have an entrepreneurial streak, you can still make some great encounters that will be useful in your future professional career.

Against a similar profile, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Let’s face it. Even if you’ve worked very hard to earn your degrees and your work experience is truly worthwhile, chances are you’re not the only one. Other people with similar backgrounds will certainly apply for the positions you’re interested in, so you’ll need to know how to stand out from the crowd. That year abroad on your own can be a great asset in your pocket. Going to Asia alone can be very impressive for a recruiter. Better still, this same recruiter may also be a great admirer of this part of the world, which really increases your chances of success!

There you have it: 5 good reasons to go on a PVT! Now all you have to do is take the plunge, just like Alex, who talks about his adventure on his PVT Japan blog! If you leave with these positive facts in mind, you can only benefit from this experience. See you on the other side of the world!

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