Portail Ariane : Free help for travellers

With nearly 13 million French people traveling abroad every year, the Crisis Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development has designed an Ariane portal that enables French travelers to declare their stays abroad easily and free of charge. In the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic, this portal helps identify French nationals around the world and facilitates their repatriation to France. In all cases, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that you take out travel insurance for your stays abroad.


Why register your trip on the Ariane portal?

The Ariane portal enables French travelers abroad to communicate data relating to their stay.

Information for safe travel

A country’s situation can change overnight: geopolitical instability (terrorist threat, popular revolution, war between rival factions, etc.) or natural disaster (earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, cyclone…). So you can :

  • Find out more before you leave, as the Ariane platform also includes country-specific summary sheets containing practical information for travelers, such as necessary travel documents, vaccinations, insurance, local legislation, transport, customs, etc.
  • Be informed of any problems that may arise during your stay thanks to the Ariane portal. That’s why we strongly recommend registering your trip on this portal – it’s quick, easy and efficient!

Preventing instability and health crises

The information you provide will enable the consular services to call or send a message directly to your cell phone to keep you informed of developments in the situation, and of any rescue or repatriation operations that may be organized. Of course, your data will only be used in the extreme case of a serious political crisis or natural disaster.

The Ariane portal is designed to :

  • In a crisis situation, take stock of French nationals declared to be present in the affected area
  • Inform nationals by calling them directly or by SMS
  • In the event of an emergency, notify the person of trust designated by the user, in order to provide, obtain or cross-check information relating to the traveler.

This tool has been the subject of preparatory work in consultation with the Cnil to offer every guarantee in terms of security and confidentiality of personal data.

Please note : registering travelers on the Ariane website does not oblige the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene. He is the sole judge of whether or not to organize a rescue operation abroad, depending on the circumstances.

How do I register my trip on the Ariane portal?

You must first create a “user account” on the diplomatie.gouv.fr website.

Before each trip, you register your stay, specifying the places you will be visiting, your cell phone number and the names of those accompanying you.

During your trip and if the situation justifies it :

  • You will receive safety recommendations by SMS or e-mail
  • We will contact you in the event of a crisis
  • The contact person designated on your account can also be notified if necessary.

What is the difference between Ariane and consular registration?

  • Consular registration, which also makes it possible to communicate with French nationals abroad, concerns people living abroad for more than six months. You must apply to the consulate responsible for your place of residence.
  • The Ariane portal is designed for short-term travelers abroad. This service is centralized and managed by the crisis center of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Travel insurance

Although very useful, Ariane is no substitute for travel insurance. It is intended to provide information, and in no way covers the inconvenience caused by a crisis situation abroad. If health problems arise during your stay, such as hospitalization or repatriation, onlytravel insurance can cover your expenses.

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