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Looking for a vacation in the UK? Are you planning an expatriation to the United Kingdom? Whatever your reason for going there, make sure you take out travel or expatriate health insurance for you and your family. In this way, you can avoid potential financial, health and legal complications in the event of an unexpected accident. We advise you to choose policies that cover repatriation, hospitalization, civil liability and other emergency medical expenses.

united kingdom insurance
  • Political system: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Capital: London
  • Surface area: 244,820 km²
  • Population: 60.6 million
  • Languages spoken : English
  • Currency: Pound sterling

Visas United Kingdom

For European Union nationals, a simple identity card is now sufficient. European Community nationals enjoy freedom of movement. Any foreigner wishing to stay in Ireland for more than 3 months is required to apply for a residence permit from the Town Hall of his or her place of residence. No work visa required.

French Embassy in London
58 Knightsbridge – London SW1X – 7 JT
Tel: 44 07 31 000
Fax: 44 07 31 042

British Embassy in Paris
35, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – 75008 Paris

Vaccines and Safety in the UK

Vaccines and local diseases

No vaccinations are required for visitors. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) certifies your entitlement to health insurance in Europe. During a temporary stay in a member state of the European Union, it entitles you to reimbursement of medically necessary treatment. We strongly recommend that you take out supplementary insurance, given the high medical costs compared to the standard social security rates.

Safety in the UK

The UK is a close neighbor and one of France’s greatest allies in its fight against terrorism. This does not prevent the country from being regularly hit by attacks, and from having an unceasingly high level of alert. In the event of an incident, follow the instructions of the security forces. Please note that it is illegal to carry a bladed weapon in the UK, under threat of criminal prosecution. The aim is to eradicate the frequent assaults in the country’s major cities. Take basic safety precautions: don’t walk the dark streets alone at night, and avoid showing signs of affluence. If your identity papers are stolen, go immediately to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint and regularize your situation. And don’t forget to check the France Diplomatie website for the latest security recommendations from the Embassy.

Health and repatriation insurance in the UK

Why take out international health insurance when traveling or living in the UK? Quite simply because healthcare costs can quickly reach very high levels abroad. Repatriation cover is also an essential criterion. In the event of a serious accident, medical repatriation to the nearest medical center or to the country of residence may be necessary. Depending on where you are at the time of the accident, and the medical prognosis, it may be necessary to charter a helicopter or medical aircraft.

Mondassur can help you choose an international health insurance policy by helping you compare the different offers on the market. Depending on your profile, we can offer you different types of travel insurance, international student insurance and expatriate insurance.

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