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Looking for a vacation in Norway? Are you planning an expatriation to Norway? Whatever your reason for going there, make sure you take out travel or expatriate health insurance for you and your family. In this way, you can avoid potential financial, health and legal complications in the event of an unexpected accident. We advise you to choose policies that cover repatriation, hospitalization, civil liability and other emergency medical expenses.

  • Political system: Parliamentary democracy
  • Capital : Oslo
  • Surface area : 385,207 km²
  • Population : 5.5 million
  • Languages spoken: Norwegian
  • Currency : Norwegian krone

Do I need a visa to go to Norway?

If you are a French national or a national of another member state of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), you have the right to reside and work in all member countries of these zones without a residence permit, provided the employment is for a maximum of three months. All you need is a valid national identity card or passport. If you are staying for more than six months or working for more than three months, you will need to register with the local authorities.
For those outside the EU/EEA, a visa may be required to enter and stay in these countries. For accurate, up-to-date information, visit the official Norwegian government website.

French Embassy in Oslo
Drammensveien 69 – Oslo 2
Tel: [47] 23 28 46 00
Fax: [47] 23 28 46 70 or 71

Norwegian Embassy in Paris
28, rue Bayard 75008 Paris

Vaccines and safety in Norway

Vaccines and local diseases

No vaccinations are required for visitors. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) certifies your entitlement to health insurance in Europe. During a temporary stay in a member state of the European Union, it entitles you to reimbursement of medically necessary treatment. We recommend that you take out additional insurance.

Safety in Norway

Ordinary crime is low in Norway. There is, however, an upsurge in burglaries and pickpocketing during vacation periods (Christmas, Easter and July). As for the terrorist risk, it is rather moderate. We advise you to consult the France Diplomatie website for the latest health and safety recommendations before you leave.

How does the Norwegian healthcare system work?

Norway’s healthcare system is financed by the state through taxes, ensuring universal coverage for all residents. It offers a wide range of services, including primary care, specialized care, hospital care and prescription drugs. Care is provided by a general practitioner, who acts as the first point of contact. The system is organized into regions, each of which manages hospitals and the provision of care. Despite challenges such as waiting times, Norway enjoys a high quality of care and a high level of satisfaction. For short-stay visitors to Norway, please note that you will not have access to this health cover, and will either have to pay out-of-pocket, or take out adequate international health insuranceto cover any medical expenses.

Health and repatriation insurance in Norway

Planning a stay in Norway, whether for a few days or several months, raises the crucial question of health insurance. Regardless of the length of your stay and your personal situation, taking out international health insuranceis vital for a multitude of reasons.
Firstly, for non-EU residents wishing to obtain a visa for Norway, presentation of an international health insurance certificate may be essential. Although this requirement may seem restrictive, it illustrates the importance attached to medical cover for visitors, guaranteeing their well-being during their stay.
But the usefulness of health insurance goes far beyond simply obtaining a visa. In fact, once you’re there, medical expenses can mount up exponentially. Particularly abroad, where healthcare systems differ and can involve high costs for non-residents. International health insurance offers invaluable peace of mind, covering not only medical expenses in Norway but also in other countries, should your trip require it.
What’s more, in the event of an unforeseen situation, international health insurance offers additional cover, such as medical repatriation, which can prove crucial. Imagine a situation requiring an emergency return to your home country for medical reasons: without adequate insurance, the costs involved would be considerable.
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