Trend: student mobility

Driven by increasing globalization, students are increasingly mobile and looking to develop their skills by completing their higher education abroad. This encourages the mobility of workers, accustomed from an early age to working in different cultural contexts. The number of French expatriates aged 18 to 25 has risen by 14% since 2008, according to the latest figures from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, more than 155,000 young French people live abroad!


In 1987, the European Union set up the “Erasmus” exchange program (named after the Dutch theologian and humanist Erasmus). In 2011, the most popular destinations were Spain, the UK and Germany*. UNESCO figures show that 75% of mobile European studentsgo to another European country, and that the majority study in the Humanities.

The Erasmus program is one of the best-known cultural exchange programs. However, other countries around the world encourage and organize stays for foreign students, including Brazil, Japan, China and the USA. A country’s ability to attract foreign students to its territory is a real factor in its cultural influence and in boosting local economies.

If you too would like to go on an exchange abroad as a student, don’t forget to take out insurance before you leave!

*According to official European Union data.

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