Australia and foreign students

In recent years, studying abroad has become a major economic issue, with countries competing fiercely to attract as many young minds as possible to gain a foothold in the booming higher education market. Australia was quick to capitalize on the new economic windfall represented by foreign students in Australia. If you’re also attracted by the idea, certain precautions are essential, such as taking out special insurance for young people in Australia.


In Australia, education accounts for a very large share of the balance of trade. It generates around 10 billion euros a year. Tuition fees for foreign students are very high and represent a major source of revenue for local universities, leading to competition to attract as many foreign students as possible. And yet, according to a recent HSBC survey, education in Australia is among the most expensive in the world, on a par with the USA. Australia is home to 7% of the world’s international students , and revenue from international student enrolment is even higher than that from tourism!

Are you too planning to study abroad? Don’t forget your special student insurance!

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