WHV insurance: the best working vacation insurance

New guarantees at a price that’s as competitive as ever!

Are you on a WHV or working vacation program ? Choose our WHV insurance, which offers the best value for money of all working vacation travel insurances. It’s essential to be insured, especially if you’re going to countries where medical costs are high, such as Canada, Australia, Hong Kong or New Zealand*.

pvtiste insurance

New guarantees to ensure your safety

Our working vacation insurance now includes new coverages to further enhance your safety during this program. For the same price, you can benefit from :

  • Third-party payment for all your healthcare expenses. What does it mean? You’ll no longer need to pay in advance for medical treatment or check-ups. This possibility already existed for hospitalization, but now it’s available for all your expenses! Exceptional service to help you make the most of your WHV stay.
  • Dental expenses reimbursed up to €600 (previously €300)
  • Reimbursement of optical expenses following an accident up to €250
  • Up to €2,000 baggage coverage during your stay in the event of theft by mugging
  • Easy payment of your insurance premium: you can pay for your insurance in instalments.

Want to compare warranties? Find out more about this travel insurance? Contact us!

*WHV insurance is also valid for other countries on working vacation: South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan.

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