Need to consult your medical records?

As of April 6, 2011, all French social security beneficiaries can now consult their medical records! Whether it’s your medical reports, prescriptions, X-rays or laboratory analyses, you’ll be able to access them online thanks to your Dossier Médical Partagé.


How do you create your DMP? Are you insured and have a Carte Vitale? The procedure is quite simple. Make your request to a healthcare professional or facility. Read the information brochure you will receive. Give your consent. Your DPM will be created with a National Health Identifier (INS) and a password.

Wondering who can see your medical documents? Don’t worry: only the professionals you authorize will have access. And you can check at any time who has consulted your file.

Thanks to the DMP, medical monitoring is now simpler in France. When you’re abroad, don’t forget to take out international insurance! Social Security covers short stays mainly in the European Union, and only according to its reimbursement schedule.

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