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Having an employee work abroad: Complete guide

Do you employ or need to employ people in one of your subsidiaries or on a customer’s site abroad? Which status is best for an employee abroad? How much does it cost to hire an employee abroad? What social protection do I need when traveling abroad? What are the employer’s obligations for an employee abroad?
Employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees while they are abroad.
Mondassur offers you its expertise to carry out an audit of your international insurance conditions.

Of course, the answers to these questions vary widely, depending on the size of the company, the destination country, the length of time abroad, the resources the company wishes to invest in the project… etc.

Insuring employees abroad

What is the status of an employee abroad?

The 1st question is whether you are going to send an employee from head office or whether you prefer to recruit an employee in the destination country.
There are also formulas where you can call on a service company that can provide you with consultants. A “portage” company can offer to “port” an employee to work on your behalf.
Depending on the formula you choose, your status abroad will be different. The social protection, salary and cost of this person will also vary widely.

How to prepare for an employee’s expatriation?

The 2nd question concerns the preparation of the employee’s expatriation. Expatriation is a real asset for working with your foreign subsidiaries and helping to develop your company’s talent.
You therefore need to prepare well in advance and, above all, discuss it with your employee, the future professional expatriate. There are several points to consider: the destination country, duration, immigration formalities, the employee’s family…
The ideal duration of an expatriation, taking into account the costs involved, is estimated at between 18 months and 2 years.
To prepare your staff for expatriation, you can also call on external consultants. These consultants support employees throughout their expatriation.

What social security protection is available to expatriates abroad?

The 3rd most common topic is social protection. It includes health cover, provident cover (daily allowances, death benefits, disability), retirement cover and unemployment cover.
Social protection for employees abroad differs according to the country of destination and status (expatriate or seconded employee). Unlike a seconded employee, an expatriate is subject to the local regime of the country of destination.

What social security protection is there for an employee abroad on a professional assignment or telecommuting?

This 4th question concerns employees working in their country of origin and going abroad for short periods. In fact, while on a business assignment, the employee is not considered an expatriate. This difference is taken into account in the insurance to be taken out. The insurances are different and more like travel insurance in this case.
Employees on professional assignments continue to benefit from health, assistance and provident cover in their country of origin.
As for employees teleworking abroad, they are by default in an expatriation situation beyond a certain duration abroad. The Covid-19 crisis has accentuated the need for telecommuting. To take account of this phenomenon, there is now insurance cover for employees teleworking abroad.

How does international freelance administration work?

The 5th question concerns international freelance administration. The latter is aimed at international project developers. It’s more economical and also more flexible.
Freelance administration is a way of working that combines the advantages of salaried employment with entrepreneurial freedom. It’s easy to set up, and allows you to do business abroad in complete safety.

How much does it cost to send an employee abroad?

6th and last question, the cost of an expatriate employee abroad. All the costs associated with expatriation must be taken into account: immigration, children’s schooling, relocation, moving, housing, training…

Why choose Mondassur to insure your employees abroad?

As an international insurance broker and expert for the past 20 years, we have researched and selected the best international insurance policies at the best value for money. We work with all the major insurers and negotiate directly with them on behalf of our customers.
Mondassur offers you international insurance for your employees’ professional stays abroad, regardless of the country in which the assignment takes place, with the most appropriate coverage for your needs, whether it’s a short or long stay. Our insurances include the following: direct payment of hospitalization costs, reimbursement of medical expenses, provident insurance, civil liability, repatriation assistance, kidnap and ransom.

Tailor-made social protection for your employees abroad

Depending on your needs, Mondassur can offer you tailor-made insurance packages negotiated with insurers specializing in international health insurance. Mondassur offers you its expertise to carry out an audit of your international insurance conditions. Contact our advisors to tell us more about your situation (number of employees abroad, destination, situation, etc.). You can also save time with an online quote and quickly take out the international health insurance of your choice for the most common situations.
Our advisors are on hand to answer any questions, and our policyholders have access to our 24/7 assistance platform from anywhere in the world.

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