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Obtaining a Schengen Visa for Paris 2024

The Olympic Games are one of the most prestigious sporting events, attracting thousands of spectators every time. Paris 2024 is no exception, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate sport in the city of love.
However, careful planning is essential, from applying for your Schengen visa to managing your budget. Both aspects require you to take out international health insurance. Get a free insurance quote!

Schengen Visa Olympic Games Paris 2024

When should you plan your stay in Paris for the 2024 Olympics?

For the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, start planning your stay in advance. Ideally as soon as you have confirmed your intention to attend the event, here’s why:

Visa: If you need a Schengen visa to enter France, start the formalities as soon as possible. It can take several months to obtain the necessary documents and schedule consular appointments.

Insurance: Health insurance gives you financial security in the event of health problems or other unforeseen events. It is required to obtain your Schengen visa. So you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind. Get your European-compliant insurance certificate right away. We offer specially adapted insurance for Schengen stays of less than 90 days.
Tickets: Tickets for Olympic events are in high demand. They’re already selling out, so buy your tickets before it’s too late.

Accommodation: Hotels and apartments in Paris will be very popular during the summer vacations. Booking in advance guarantees a wider choice and better rates.

Itineraries: Plan your trips in advance, noting where you want to go and the best restaurants. This will maximize your time in Paris and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Do I need a Visa for Paris 2024?

A Schengen visa is required if you are a citizen of an African country, Fiji or Nauru. Also, if you come from one of the following American countries :
– Belize
– Bolivia
– Guyana
– Haiti
– Marianne Islands
– Jamaica
– Dominican Republic
– Suriname.

And also, if you are a national of one of the following Asian countries:

– Saudi Arabia
– Armenia
– Palestinian Authority
– Azerbaijan
– Bahrain
– Bangladesh
– Burma/Myanmar
– Bhutan
– China
– North Korea
– India
– Indonesia
– Iraq
– Iran
– Jordan
– Kazakhstan
– Kirghizstan
– Kosovo
– Kuwait
– Laos
– Lebanon
– Maldives
– Mongolia
– Nepal
– Oman
– Uzbekistan
– Pakistan
– Papua New Guinea
– Philippines
– Qatar
– Russia
– Sri Lanka
– Syria
– Tajikistan
– Thailand
– Turkmenistan
– Turkey
– Vietnam
– Yemen

How can I obtain a Schengen Visa for Paris 2024?

1. Visit the official France-Visas website to discover the steps corresponding to your nationality, place of residence, and the type of visa you wish to obtain, then create your personal account.
2. Complete a CERFA form.
3. Gather the supporting documents, the receipt and the form to create your file.
4. Make an appointment with the French consular services in your country of residence (VFS Global, TLS, or Capago) to submit your file and provide your biometric data.
5. Be patient for a few weeks; they will contact you so that you can collect your passport.

The documents required for a short-stay Schengen Visa application typically include:

– Your passport.
– Visa application form.
– A printed copy of the application receipt.
– Two ICAO-compliant passport photos.
– A letter explaining the reasons for your trip.
– Proof of round-trip ticket reservation
– Proof of local accommodation (hotel reservation or letter of invitation from a private individual).
– Financial documents (pay slips, bank statements, etc.).
– Proof of travel insurance. You can obtain your certificate of health cover immediately by purchasing your Schengen visa insurance online.

Is Paris dangerous?

Paris is generally a safe destination for tourists. Although videos of pickpockets in the metro have recently been circulating, just be vigilant and seal your bags to protect your belongings.
Be especially cautious if a stranger approaches you in the street and asks you to accompany him or her on a purchase, claiming not to have any money! Several people have been victims of theft in this way.

If you’re coming for the Olympics, keep a few precautions in mind:

– Large gatherings can increase the risk of contact with people carrying infectious diseases.
– Stress, lack of sleep and too much partying can have an impact on your health. International health insurance is essential for peace of mind when traveling.
– In summer, Paris can experience high temperatures and high humidity, which can be uncomfortable for people who are not used to it.
– Be aware of the risk of food poisoning when trying new culinary specialties. Take precautions to avoid food-related health problems in a new country.

If you have specific health problems, international health insurance can ensure a pleasant stay despite the weather.

How much will it cost to go to the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Event tickets: Tickets can exceed 400 euros, so budget for tickets. If tickets are sold out, consider reselling them, as many people resell them for a variety of reasons.

Accommodation: You can choose to stay in Paris or the Paris region. Prices are generally lower outside the city, and the journey to Paris is quick and easy by public transport. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be better off in the Paris suburbs.
You can book a hotel room, rent an apartment or a room via platforms like Booking, Airbnb, or Leboncoin. Book early to avoid exorbitant prices or last-minute availability problems.

Meals: Discover French culinary specialties at restaurants, bakeries and markets. Plan on a meal budget of approximately :
– 30 euros for a restaurant meal
– 12 euros for a meal in a fast-food restaurant or bakery
If you cook at home, you’ll save about 10 euros/prs per day.

Visa: To submit your Schengen Visa application, please bring :
– 80 € for adults and children over 12.
– 40 € for children aged 6 to 12.

Transport: To get around Paris Region, you have several options:
– Cabs are the most expensive, with a minimum fare of 8 euros and additional charges depending on the number of people and distance.
– The metro is an affordable option, from 2.10 euros for 1h30 without leaving the network. Daily and multi-day packages are available, with prices varying by zone.
– You can also use VTC apps like Uber or Bolt, which are generally cheaper than Parisian cabs, but still expensive.

Shopping: Paris means shopping, with its many stores, brand villages and shopping malls. Plan a budget for your purchases.

Health: Health risks are generally higher during the vacations, especially at events such as the Olympic Games. Prepare a healthcare budget or take out insurance to protect yourself from the unexpected and reduce health-related expenses and worries.

How do you manage medical emergencies in Paris?

In Paris, in case of emergency, here are the numbers to remember:

– SAMU (15): For situations of vital distress and medical assistance.
– Police Secours (17) : To report offences requiring immediate police intervention.
– Fire department (18): In the event of accidents or emergency situations requiring rapid intervention.
– Emergency number for the deaf or hard of hearing: 114.
– SOS Dentaire: 01 43 37 51 00 or 01 43 36 36 00.

In addition, Paris has 39 Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris hospitals, with 25 general emergency departments, offering health services 24/7.

Parisian pharmacies are generally open from 8am to 8pm, with rotating closures on Sundays and sometimes Mondays. The nearest on-call pharmacies are indicated on the door in case of closure.

Register these numbers, find out which health centers are closest to you, and obtain medical coverage for your stay.

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