The best medical coverage for your employees abroad

In any case, depending on the country of expatriation, you will be able to benefit from the social care of the country in which the employee will work. If it is a European country, social care will be quite similar to the one existing in France especially for retirement and unemployment insurance.

Here are the different solutions depending on the type of protection:

Health insurance and pension

There are two options: insurance at the 1st euro and insurance via the Caisse des Français abroad – CFE – with additional insurance.


The CFE is a private organization that must pay voluntary dues based on status and level of remuneration. It is strongly advised to take out additional private insurance to allow you to be properly reimbursed for your medical care abroad; this is also essential in many countries because the medical cost in France is low compared to many foreign countries.
You should know that the CFE will reimburse you up to the social security convention rates (without taking into account the excess fees). For example, a consultation with a doctor will be reimbursed at 70 of the 23 euro agreement amount. It is easy to imagine that the cost of a medical consultation abroad will very often be higher. In addition, in the event of hospitalization, if you do not have private supplementary insurance, you will have to pay directly to the hospital (the employee or his employer) before obtaining reimbursement of the costs which will not arrive until after several weeks.

Insurance at the 1st euro

Insurance in the 1st euro offers a lot of flexibility and different options depending on your needs and the budget. The principle is that the insurer then covers all the costs spent. It is important to choose a contract based on the actual costs spent. The choice between the level of reimbursement of care, the limits practiced, the options (of the dental and optical type) depends on the budget allocated to the employee. There are many standard or custom contracts.

Mondassur, an insurance broker specializing in international insurance, helps and advises you to find the most suitableexpat insurance contract for your needs and budget.

Basic retirement

The employee works in a European Union country

He will then benefit from the country’s retirement which can be accumulated and accounted for in his French retirement.

The employee works in a country outside the European Union or in a country without a convention with France

The employee loses his rights in retirement; this is particularly important, especially for the calculation of quarters. The solution is to join the CFE for the old age part. Note that it is possible to contribute to the CFE for retirement only and to take out insurance for health insurance at the 1st euro.

Unemployment insurance

The employee works in a European Union country

He will benefit from the unemployment insurance of the country of expatriation.

The employee works outside the European Union

He or his employer will be able to join Pôle Emploi Services before leaving by paying voluntary contributions to enable him to be compensated in case of unemployment.

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