Expatriates in France: their vision of the French way of life

People often talk about French expatriates abroad, but not much about the other way around. And yet, they have a lot to tell us about our society, and offer a refreshing view of it.

Thanks to the survey “Expatriates in France: tell us about your life” carried out by Paris 21 in September 2014, we could draw some lessons from the opinions of foreign expatriates.

For 72% of them, integration into their new team was a positive experience. But we can see that many complain about cumbersome procedures (88%), but also about their hierarchy, which is too heavy-handed (75%) or doesn’t communicate enough (also 75%).

When it comes to daily life and the French in general, 30% of expatriates consider their welcome to be unsatisfactory… The clichés about the French therefore undoubtedly have a basis in truth, as they are considered arrogant and unfriendly by 79%, but also and above all bon vivants by 66%. The main difficulty encountered by expatriates in France is language fluency (44%), which is not surprising given that the French are a little behind in this area. In the end, 80% of them say that their least favorite thing about France… is the human relationships! A sad observation that reveals a lot about the efforts required of the French…
But don’t worry! They love the French quality of life, food and culture!

In any case, if you too would like to try your hand at expatriation and make up your own mind about the habits and customs of a new country, don’t forget your 1st euro expatriate insurance or CFE top-up!

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