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Travel to Senegal for new experiences, in order to approach this West African country in a different way. Enjoy an unforgettable cruise stop in Dakar, the Senegalese capital teeming with life.


When to leave?

The best season to visit Senegal is from October to June.

The must-see places to visit in Senegal

What to see in Dakar

Take a stroll through the Senegalese capital to admire its must-see monuments, including the Grand Mosque inspired by the Rabat Mosque. Take a detour to the presidential palace built by the sea, in the heart of the tropical gardens. It was the residence of the governor of Dakar during the colonial era. Continue your walk to City Hall, a beautiful colonial building overlooking the harbour. The municipal premises and the garden are open to the public. Nearby, the Corniche offers stunning views of the Gorée Islands and the Magdalen Islands.

Several other sites trace Dakar’s past. Located in the Bel Air district, near the beach of the Golden Veil, discover the Catholic cemetery of Bel Air where stands a monument to the dead commemorating the victims of the battalions of Senegalese shooters of the two world wars. In the heart of the city, admire the Cathedral of African Remembrance with a forecourt decorated with African frescoes. Also take the time to visit Sheikh Anta Diop University, West Africa’s largest university with a campus, a university hospital, scientific buildings and the National School of Health Development.

For culture and art lovers, your cruise stop in Dakar can be marked by a visit to the Arte gallery located in The Avenue Abdoulaye Fafiga. This gallery presents permanent exhibitions of art and crafts with African paintings, sculptures and jewelry. Strolling down Rue Mousse Diop, stop by the café des arts where several local painters exhibit their works. Also schedule the Daniel Sorano National Theatre, where traditional or contemporary concerts and African ballets are often held.

Excursions around Dakar

If the duration of your cruise stop in Dakar allows you to, explore the island of Gorée, a place steeped in history, classified as a “World Heritage Site”. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 9 kilometers from Dakar, this small island recalls 350 years of history of slavery and the slave trade. Several museums are located on the island of Gorée, including the Slave House Museum, the Women’s Museum and the Sea Museum. In the House of Slaves, plunge back into the island’s tumultuous past by discovering the irons and chains to which the slaves were tied.

Another interesting excursion around Dakar is a visit to Lake Retba, about 49 kilometres from the city. This vast lake is impressive with its pink hue that can change from blue to purple depending on the position of the sun.

The ship Le Champlain of the company Ponant embarks you on an exceptional cruise to discover Senegal. This modern cruise yacht, named after French explorer Samuel Champlain, anchors at the port of Dakar, which opens onto the Atlantic Ocean. Located on the Cape Verde Peninsula, the port of Dakar is the main maritime entry point to visit Senegal. It is a fascinating city that has preserved its traditions.

During your cruise stop in Dakar, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by exploring the Medina on foot, where there are many markets of spices, fruit, incense… Take a tour of the famous tilène market, which is typically African with a space dedicated to witchcraft and animism where medicinal herbs, seeds, powders, dried animals, bones and other perlimpinpin powders are sold. Also visit the Sandaga market, which is particularly lively with its stalls of colorful fabrics, handicrafts and food products.

What travel insurance for Senegal?

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