Insurance for expatriate foreigners in France and Europe

Are you coming to live in France or Europe for a long time? A cycle of studies, a new job, a family reunion? Mondassur accompanies you in the selection of the best international health insurance contract. It all depends on your situation and your needs, we offer both long-term visa-appropriate insurance covering the biggest risks, as well as comprehensive insurance that can cover all your medical expenses from the current medicine to hospitalization.

What kind of health insurance is best for France ?

In order to best prepare your coming to France, it is important to think about the various offers of health insurance for expatriates. There are mainly two types of operation: so-called “first euro” insurance and insurance in addition to Social Security. The first category allows you to have a single contact and facilitate your refund process. The second category is also interesting if you are eligible for social security and will allow you to supplement social security reimbursements which often are limited to 70 of the actual costs.

On what criteria do you choose your expat insurance in France?

First, you need to determine your main need: high-level health coverage (in this case, turn to GoldImpat or FirstExpat) or rather coverage for serious accidents? (EuropeAccess might be suitable for you)

Then, once this need is clearly established, Mondassur advises you to pay attention to various essential points:

  • possible deductibles
  • possible waiting times
  • possible exclusions (playing a sport at a professional level, etc.)
  • global ceilings but also by medical procedure
  • check the options included in the additional options (repatriation, civil liability, dental and optical care, maternity…)

Long Stay Visa Insurance with Mondassur

Mondassur offers several insurance packages to cover you as best you can for your stay in France or Europe on a long stay or permanent stay visa.

  • Long Stay 1 year insurance EuropeAccess: Budget oriented insurance plan with medical expenses, repatriation assistance, civil liability and accident capital to cover you against any unforeseen during your long stay in Europe (duration less than 1 year however). The most economical insurance for urgent care. Coverage of up to €30,000 and €100,000 with the Extension formula. This plan does not fulfill the visa requirements for certain nationalities such as British citizens.
  • Goldstart flexible insurance for temporary stays: Flexible insurance that can cover you in Europe from a few months to a few years. This formula can be moved into three options and covers all your medical expenses without a “primary” social protection scheme. The Backup formula for emergencies only, Basic for tight budgets and Nomad for the most part with good quality warranties. The Backup formula does not fulfill the visa requirements for certain nationalities such as the British citizens.
  • Foreign insurance in France with Goldimpat in addition to French Social Security:  this international insurance with a good guaranteed-price ratio assures you in France for diseases and accidents but also in your country of origin as well as traveling the world in addition to Social Security. There are three levels of guarantees that complement the support of French social security. You must be affiliated with French Social Security. If you are not, Goldimpat 1st euro insurance is suitable.

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