4 expat tips to prepare for your expatriation

Preparing your expatriation is essential to the success of your new life abroad. It’s essential to prepare for this adventure in advance, especially if you’re going away with your partner and children. Here are the main points to bear in mind.


Learn about the culture of your host country

Before leaving, we often think aboutlearning the language of the new country. But a successful expatriation also means knowing the culture of the country you’re moving to. Numerous studies show that underestimating cultural differences is one of the main causes of expatriation failure. Preparing for your expatriation will enable you to reduce misunderstandings at work and in your private life.

Think of your spouse and children to prepare for your expatriation.

As an expat, you’re not the only one going abroad. Expatriates’ accompanying spouses and children are often overlooked when it comes to preparing for expatriation. Research into expat life clearly shows that failure to take into account the expatriate’s follower spouse, and in particular the expat’s wife, is another major cause of expatriation failure. Children, too, are often forgotten before going abroad. We often think of bilingual schools, but we forget to prepare our children for the changes they’ll be going through, and in particular the distance from their friends. This is often a source of conflict, especially when you’re moving abroad with teenagers.

Anticipate conflicts between expatriate couples to prepare for your expatriation

Living abroad exposes your couple to a host of changes that can jeopardize the way your relationship normally functions. Loneliness as a couple can then set in, favored as it is by the comforting absence of those around you. So there’s a need to recreate new l ifestyles and establish new relationships with other people. It takes time and a willingness to prepare your expatriation in advance.

Take advantage of expatriation to realize a new life project

What if you took advantage of your new experience abroad to make one of your dreams come true? This expatriation could be theopportunity to set up your own business, train remotely or simply give you the right to realize a life project that’s close to your heart. That’s why preparing your expatriation can really help you maximize your chances of enjoying your new life abroad.

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