The prerequisites for studying in the United States

Students who wish to study in the United States often underestimate the time required for admissions procedures. Here is a list of important criteria not to be missed if you want to apply to an American university. You must also take out health insurance for the United States. We advise you to choose Mondassur international student insurance with the Premium or Premium Extension option which will meet the criteria of your American university and cost you at least 2 times less.


English tests

As an international student, if English is not your first language or if you have not studied English, universities require a test to verify that you have the required level. Several language level tests are accepted such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC.

University admission tests

There may be other tests to be performed depending on the training for which you are applying. Some of the most requested tests are GRE, GMAT and SAT. It is important to check in advance the test requested by the university you choose in the United States.

The registration file

There is a lot of competition to get into an American university, so you have to prepare a solid and complete case. CV, cover letter, study project presentation, references, and your english-translated diplomas are documents that must be included in your file. This list varies in relation to the training and the university chosen, so you have to be very attentive to specific requests.

Health insurance

After receiving a positive response from the university,there are other criteria to be met before you can study in the United States. Indeed, a large part of universities in the United States require that international students be covered by insurance at the beginning of their studies.

Some U.S. universities offer their own insurance, which is generally less affordable than international health insurance.
To choose coverage suitable for your studies that will protect you in case of problems, Mondassur offers you different international student insurance contracts that meet the criteria of American universities and guarantees acceptance.

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