IVB in Mexico: how to use it

Profile of IVB applications

All European nationals between the ages of 18 and 28 can apply for LIFE missions from a French company for a period of 6 to 24 months. Companies in Mexico are interested in business development, technical-commercial or engineering profiles. Since July 2003, compensation has been in the order of 2196 euros.


How do I find a IVB?

  1. Send unsolicited applications to French companies based in Mexico. You can find a list of companies that are members of the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFMCI)
  2. Explore sMEs that you are interested in and who are likely to have an export project.
  3. IABs in your area may also have information about companies that have a plan to set up in Mexico.
  4. Find out more at the International Volunteer Information Centre

What are the requirements to apply for the IVB visa?

  • Being between the ages of 18 and 28,
  • Be French or European and in good standing with your country’s national service
  • Enjoying civil rights
  • Have a clean criminal record

What documents are needed to build the file?

  • Completed form
  • Passport: The minimum validity must be an additional month on the date of exit from The Mexican territory. Provide a photocopy of the passport pages with the following information: the photo, the holder’s data, the validity of the passport.
  • Identity photo: minimum 32.0 mm x 26 mm and maximum 39.0 mm x 31.0 mm
  • Business France certificate.
  • Letter of commitment to an International Volunteering In Business, signed and stamped, with a photocopy.
  • The Certificate of the host company in Mexico guarantor of the volunteer for the duration of his stay in Mexico, indicating the period and activities to be carried out; as well as the organisation responsible for his remuneration, indicating the amount to be collected
  • Copy of the RFC of the Mexican company.
  • The Certificate of the French company indicating the period and activities to be carried out.
  • Visa fees (possibility of paying in cash)

What are the application procedures?

1. The application file must file the visa application at:

Seccion Consular de la Embajada de México
4 Notre Dame des Victoires Street
75002 Pars
such. : 01 42 86 56 20
Fax: 01 49 26 02 78
Please note that the embassy does not review any files received by mail.

Acceptance of the file:

When the file is accepted the visa will be withdrawn within two working days. If the visa applicant resides outside the Paris Region, he can attach a Chronopost to the file in order to receive the passport.

Which health insurance should you choose?

The most important insurance conditions for expatriation are:

  • Health conditions: repatriation insurance if on-site care is inadequate
  • Access to care: being cared for both in the public and private sectors
  • Financial conditions: Medical expenses are covered in Mexico and other countries around the world.
  • Legal conditions: to assert your rights abroad.

To help you choose your expat insurance in Mexico,Mondassur can help you choose the health insurance that’s right for you.

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