How to travel responsibly?

Are you an adventurer and traveller who thinks about ecology and sustainable development, and who cares about its carbon footprint? Thankfully, it’s completely compatible and we’ll offer you today a little tour of the different modes of responsible travel.

Ecotourism, eco-volunteering, or slowtravel are all ways to travel responsibly and have a different experience.


What is ecotourism?

It is a way to make tourism responsible by promoting visits to natural and preserved places. Tourists will then be able to visit unspoiled natural sites, discover different cultures and move away from mass tourism. The impact of travel on nature is taken into account, and is intended to be as low as possible. Local people receive the benefits of ecotourism directly. The trip is then part of a sustainable development approach.

What is eco-volunteering?

It is close to ecotourism, but it also offers tourists to get involved with a community for the preservation of flora and fauna. For example, tourists travelling to South America will be able to help harvest organic coffee in a small Bolivian village. Or discover the animals of the Amazon. Eco-volunteering is a way to travel, discover and participate in scientific and ecological missions.

What is slowtravel or slowtourism?

These are ways to travel by minimizing the impact on the environment especially by taking your time. Tourists in China will then prefer to travel by train or public transport to make their journey within the country, rather than using internal flights. This form of tourism allows you to discover a culture and a society as close as possible and to make enriching encounters. Eat local, discover the culture and cuisine of a country. Discover the crafts and offer a gift more original than the gifts of the usual souvenir shops. Supporting a local economy and meeting people are the reasons why more and more French and foreign tourists choose slowtravel.

Responsible travel takes time, a month is a minimum because it takes time to travel differently and responsibly. However, consider planning all your papers, and ask responsible tourismassociations. Also think about your travel insurance, because travelling differently you find yourself in a foreign country longer and more exposed to different risks. You will often find yourself in beautiful places but much less touristy and less well served than the big cities.

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