Jobs to work abroad

Why not combine travel and work? There are many jobs that allow you to travel to the 4 corners of the world. Those who practice regularly are called globetrotters or nomads. It’s never too late to try… Here is a list of these trades in all sectors of activity.


Work in tourism abroad

Air hostess / Steward / Pilot: Trades 100% linked to travel. You spend long hours in the air but also on stopovers. The perfect opportunity to rest before the next flights and to explore the city. Plus, you get benefits with your airline to travel with your family.

Travel Blogger: If you love competition, you stand out: Travel Blogger is your destiny! To pay yourself you need A nice pen, skills in web marketing and SEO. It’s a long job, but there are great benefits to it, such as all-expense paid trips!

Work abroad in a field profession

Photographer: If you know how to take beautiful photos, with an eye for detail and a minimum of marketing knowledge, selling your photos can allow you to make a living from photography while traveling the world.

Journalist reporter: Seeking information, investigating on the ground, being as close as possible to the action … the journalist, major international reporter travels around the world in order to disseminate documented and realistic information to his readers and listeners.

Commercial: Find suppliers, make purchases on the spot, canvass and find new customers…. The range of possibilities is wide.

Working around languages

Language teacher: The first profession that arrives in the “top of mind” is language teacher! It is also most obvious if you have a different mother tongue than the country you are in. Many associations regularly recruit native teachers.

Interpreter: You often have to travel abroad to offer your services during interviews between heads of state, testimony in court, meetings or even conferences. You demonstrate great mobility which will allow you to go where your interpreting skills will be useful.

Seasonal work abroad

Travel companion: Tour operators often seek professionals to accompany groups of vacationers. There is no question of being disorganized: the guide must follow a precise schedule!
Vacation Club Leader: If you enjoy meeting people and have good organizational skills; vacation club leader is the job for you. Puppets, dancing, entertainment on a campsite or at a holiday center, it’s a diverse profession that can be practiced in different places!

Au Pair: Working as an Au Pair can be the most practical solution depending on your needs. If you have good contact with children and want to live with a family, this is the perfect job. You are housed, fed and paid! You can go through an employment agency, but be aware of the age limits that exist for this job.
International volunteering: There are several forms: European Voluntary Service, International Solidarity Volunteering, United Nations Volunteer … It is a very good experience to live but it is often simple compensation in return.

Cruise Employee: Haven’t you seen seasickness? Do you have a good sense of service? Cruise ships are used a lot in hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc. Combine the useful with the pleasant …
In addition, if diving is your field, you can find scuba diving instructor jobs in many countries.

Help a local farmer, participate in the harvest

Often for a few days or a few weeks. Farmers need labor and can offer great opportunities, even in terms of housing …. Some countries like Australia or New Zealand often offer these types of opportunities as part of the working holiday program.

Work abroad by becoming an expatriate

If you want to go to work and travel for the long term, expatriation is for you. This status applies to workers in the private sector working abroad. The expatriate status offers many advantages and allows you to immerse yourself in a foreign country like a real local. You can also, if you are young, go for an international volunteering in a formula such as: European Voluntary Service, International Solidarity Volunteering, United Nations Volunteer …

The advantages of traveling while working

Traveling the world is a real privilege.
It is an opportunity to discover new horizons, new cultures, new encounters, new perspectives.

• Traveling while working combines the useful with the pleasant. Earning money while traveling is a very interesting concept. For example, by working in a travel agency, you get paid to travel and have other people travel.
• Working in a pleasant environment stimulates creativity better. By exploring the various places of the globe, you will be more efficient in your work.
• Traveling while working is also a great human experience to live. An opportunity to forge good relationships, both professionally and personally.
Traveling while working makes more than one dream. A dream that becomes reality because certain professions are conducive to this way of life.

If these opportunities interest you, we advise you to take out travel or expatriate insurance depending on the length of your stay in order to be fully covered.

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