Schooling for expatriate children

The expatriation of parents in a French-speaking country or not inevitably raises the question of the schooling of children.


The choice of school

Enrolling your children in a local school or choosing one of the 440 French educational institutions found in 135 countries around the world is the dilemma parents face.

Choosing a local school means that the courses will be carried out in the language of the country and according to the current school curriculum, this may make it possible for your child to become fully bilingual and to forge links with peers of his age, but foreign school curricula are not always of the same level as that of France.

Schooling in a French school abroad represents a significant financial cost that differs from country to country; the United States and Asia are the most expensive French schools. In return, this type of school is approved by the French Ministry of National Education abroad, which is a guarantee of the education provided and scholarships are awarded according to the family’s income.

Distance education: a solution for expats

Another possible alternative is distance education for expat children.

The CNED, National Centre for Distance Education, offers courses at affordable rates, from kindergarten to senior year. Classes, exercises and questions are done through multimedia media sent by email or by mail and methodically follow the French school curriculum. Be careful, however, this form of teaching requires moral support from those around you and a great deal of autonomy and rigour on the part of the child; so a particular teacher can be a valuable help.

In addition to the CNED, other organizations now offer distance courses: Legendre courses, Hattemer School, Pi courses; to find the best person for your child’s needs.

Whatever the solution is chosen, don’t forget before you leave to choose an expat insurance suitable for you and your family!

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