Brexit: consequences for students

No one has complete control over the direct consequences of Brexit at the moment, even though Theresa May seems strict about the flow of Migrants from Europeans to Britain. “The UK is an open and tolerant country, but the message from the people has been very clear: Brexit must control the number of Europeans coming to the UK,” Theresa May said.


Is it the case for European students who want to go to the UK?

The consequences are already being felt with a net slowdown in migration flows to the UK and a drop in the enrolment of foreign students in England. Soon the conditions will surely change, will it be necessary a visa? A residence card? What will be the new difficulties to work in the territory? What health insurance for the UK? So many unanswered questions…

Foreign students in the UK and British students abroad

This is a population that will unfortunately be affected by Brexit. Until now European students have paid the same tuition fees as British students, nothing is certain for the future! The UK government is considering measures to regulate the flow of immigration to link the type of residence permit issued to foreign students and the quality of the university and curriculum for which they will enrol.

What remains positive for European studentsis that no measures have been announced at this time regarding the Erasmus programme knowing that Britain is the 2nd European destination requested. Nevertheless, it seems logical to imagine that every international student in the UK will have to benefit from their own health insurance without relying on their insurance from a Country of European origin.

British students will certainly need to take out international student insurance for their studies or internships abroad.

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