Where to spend your Christmas holidays?

For some, Christmas is the opportunity to get together with family around a good meal, to watch the great classics on TV… For others, Christmas is more about holidays to be used to discover new Horizons. Is this your case? Mondassur has prepared a selection of the 10 best destinations for you to spend Christmas!


1. Munich, Germany

The Munich Christmas market is popular for its large market specializing in nativity scenes. You can even make your own crib. This nativity scene near St. Michael’s Cathedral is Germany’s largest. Going to Munich for the holidays is also a good opportunity for excursions into the Bavarian countryside or to visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

2. Rome, Italy

Spending the holidays with very believing Romans is a special moment. Nothing very surprising with the Vatican, state of the Catholic religion and the original capital of the celebration of Christ. Attending the Vatican midnight mass is unforgettable. Its gigantic tree 25 meters high installed in its center and its life-size nativity scene is unveiled and blessed by the Pope on December 24. As for the Christmas market, the one in Piazza Navona is one of the most famous in Rome.

3. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is undoubtedly a magical destination to spend Christmas there. From mid-November until Christmas, several Christmas villages are set up in different squares in the Austrian capital. It has preserved the true authenticity of its Christmas markets. The stands make you directly forget the freezing cold thanks to the heat of the mulled wines and the sausages that cook.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital is one of the cities for which the celebration of Christmas is the most important. It turns into a magical wonderland. It thrills tourists with Christmas markets, chalets and street shows. The Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock are magnificent under the sky strewn with snowflakes. You can enjoy chimney cakes, the local specialty.

5. Porto and Lisbon, Portugal

If you are looking for the magic of Christmas, you will undoubtedly find it in the Christmas markets in Porto. The city is invaded by Christmas lights and decorations, crafts, mulled wine and sweet delicacies. As for Lisbon, you will find beautifully decorated streets, illuminated Christmas trees and Christmas markets. Bonus: the Portuguese capital is best known for its low prices!

6. Tromsø, Norway

In Norway, Christmas is a season of rites and preparations. So much so that the city of Tromsø has just proclaimed itself the number one Christmas destination in the world. As you stroll through the streets of Tromsø, the traditional wooden houses invite you for a romantic stroll. Lights twinkle at every window.

7. New York, United States

If you dream of a cold, snowy Christmas, you will be served in New York City. The unavoidable :

  • The giant fir tree that dominates Rockefeller Center
  • Skate in Central Park
  • The Bryant Park Christmas market
  • Meet Santa Claus at Macy’s

You won’t be able to leave town without tasting the famous little glass of Egg Nog (a drink made with eggs, rum and cinnamon)

8. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is also one of the best destinations to spend Christmas. Tradition has it that you cut your Christmas tree yourself. Another tradition is to make and decorate a gingerbread house. The real staple of a Christmas in Montreal is the midnight mass which marks the start of the festivities. You can also enjoy different parades and festivals in the streets of the city, you feast in the Christmas markets and especially you have fun in the snow!

9. London, England

London is the perfect destination for those who dream of a 100% traditional Christmas. Immerse yourself in a magical Christmas in the heart of Hyde Park, home to Winter Wonderland during the holidays. It’s a Christmas market for the older ones and a fun fair for the younger ones. Discover Hogwarts under the snow by visiting the Harry Potter studios. Sip mulled wine on the banks of the Thames… The choice is wide!

10. The Gold Coast, Australia

Another destination to make summer last a little longer and even until Christmas, Australia. The Gold Coast is one of the magical destinations to spend Christmas in when the winter blows you down. No toast or foie gras, but rather a good barbecue on the beach. No fairy lights for the tree, but multicolored parrots on tree branches.

You now know which are the best destinations to spend a magical or unusual Christmas, depending on your choice … But whatever happens, consider taking out travel insurance so that you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind. The unforeseen events that can ruin a trip or even worse do not happen to others … Mondassur advises you to find the most suitable insurance for your situation!

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