Baltic States Tour : Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

The Baltic States are three small countries– Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – on Europe’s eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, with magnificent coastlines. Mysterious and overlooked destinations that offer a real change of scenery. A cruise in the Baltic States is the ideal opportunity to discover extraordinary cultural and natural treasures: Gothic art in Lithuania, medieval architecture in Estonia and the variety of landscapes in Latvia. For a vacation, it’s perfectly possible to make a circuit between these 3 countries.



Located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, in northeastern Poland. The country’s relief is relatively flat, with unspoilt nature, lakes and long sandy beaches. As for culture and the arts, Lithuanian cities will surprise you with their architectural diversity, featuring Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance monuments.

The must-haves


Vilnius has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, due to the many influences from Central Europe and beyond.

Curonian Spit

The four small towns of Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila and Nida, just a few kilometers from the coast, have a very special atmosphere. On a secluded strip of sand, you’ll find pine forests inhabited by deer, elk and wild boar.

Colline des Croix

A forest of thousands of crosses of all kinds covers this unique hill.


A water town famous for its mineral springs since the 19th century.


This small town is very quiet in winter, but in summer it becomes the country’s leading seaside resort.


With more than 12,000 rivers and 3,000 lakes, Latvia offers a wide range of activities: hiking, boating, etc. For tourists, there are many small medieval towns, castles, museums and public parks to visit. This small country, independent since 1991, will amaze you with its liveliness, the richness of its past and its openness to both Europe and Russia. Latvia is a perfect junction between two worlds, the Catholic and Protestant West and the Orthodox East.

The must-haves


A lively city, like many big cities. Even if it is less architecturally interesting than its 2 neighbors Vilnius and Tallinn.


For a relaxing and festive break, enjoy beaches, forests, museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and taverns.


Mainly known as a center for rest, tourism and winter sports. Just outside the city, the Gauja National Park begins, stretching 100km along the river.


The historic town of Kuldiga is one of the most picturesque places in the Kurzeme region.


Estonia offers a diversity of landscapes and a magnificently preserved natural environment, inviting you to discover mysterious forests and pristine lakes. The country’s coastline is lined with islands overlooking the Baltic Sea. One of its main ports is Tallinn, the capital with its unique charm. The heart of the country abounds in rivers, woods and small towns with delicate, seductive architecture. Romantic strolls along sandy beaches or in the great national parks and reserves – the choice is yours!

The must-haves


The city is torn between the medieval charm of Tallinn’s Old Town and the modernity that has earned it its nickname of “Helsinki’s suburbs”.


A peaceful island some 22 km from the mainland, with several beautiful stretches of coastline. Inaccessible to visitors under Soviet rule, the island has since multiplied its efforts to attract tourists – so much so that green stickers now blossom all over the island to show the inhabitants’ determination to protect it from over-exploitation.

Lahemaa National Park

Located in the north of the country, Estonia’s largest national park is an interesting blend of cliffs, dense forests, 18th-century manor houses and countless lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


This small island is inhabited by just a few dozen people. The main attraction is the zoological reserve, which only opens in summer.

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