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Swine Flu Epidemic: Precautions to Take

An outbreak of swine flu has been reported in Mexico and particularly in the capital, Mexico City and the state of San Luis Potosi north of Mexico City.This H1N1 type A influenza is transmitted according to today’s knowledge, by droplets in exhaled air, especially during sneezing, saliva or feces. The incubation period is one week. […]


Limiting contamination of respiratory viruses

An international study has just shown that the simplest gestures were the most effective in fighting respiratory viruses (flu, colds… etc.) : Wash your hands regularly (more than 10 times a day) Put your hand in front of your mouth when you cough or sneeze Wearing a blouse Wear a mask (already less simple or […]


You go abroad, what does Social Security cover?

You go abroad, will French social security cover you? Depending on your destination, length of stay, work situation and needs, the answer to this question varies widely and is often case-by-case. Nevertheless, it should be noted that France has bilateral agreements with certain countries and in particular with the countries of the European Union to […]


Time difference: 6 tips to resist

Here are 6 tips that will help your body overcome the jet lag ordeal that is particularly challenging for the body when you’re away with time differences of more than 6:00. Be aware that it takes 1 day per hour of jet lag for your body to get used to… If you prepare a little […]


Less stress to lose weight and stay healthy

Stress makes you fat and sick. Excessive secretion of the adrenal glands due to stress has a direct impact on your body: weight gain and weakening of your immune defenses. What can I do to reduce stress? RELATIVISE your problems. Easier said than done but imagine you were lost in the desert. What’s important in […]


Why do we get the flu in winter?

This is a recurring question for many scientists. Researchers in New York have been able to show that the flu virus is ideally transmitted in cold, dry weather. The flu virus, unlike colds (which is transmitted through contact), is transmitted in the air. If it is too hot, it dies and if it is too […]


Need to check your medical records?

Since April 6, 2011 and for all beneficiaries of the French social security, consult your medical file is now possible! Whether it’s your medical reports, prescriptions, radios or laboratory tests, you’ll be able to access them online through your Shared Medical Record. How do I create your SMR? Are you insured and have a Vitale […]


Dengue fever, a fast-growing disease

Recently, cases of dengue fever have been reported in metropolitan France, the first indigenous case in France dating back to 2010. Long confined to a few countries (less than 10 countries a few decades ago) where there is a significant health risk, it is now found on all continents, in particular because of the increasing […]


Travellers, how to protect yourself from malaria?

We had already told you about dengue and its effects in a previous “news”. Dengue is often associated with another disease when it comes to far-travel, malaria. Unlike dengue fever, preventive treatment exists, and drugs can be obtained by prescription. Travellers and expatriates are vulnerable to this disease, so it is essential to take out […]


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