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Going abroad in IVB

Are you young and want to work in the United States or elsewhere? So International Volunteering in Business or IVB is for you! It is very difficult for a young graduate to start his professional career abroad. Thanks to International Volunteering in Business, this is now becoming accessible to all. Created in 2001, the IVB […]


Going abroad with e-learning platform Edubravo

Are you a student, professional or tourist and would like to have international professional experience? Have you always dreamed of living abroad,learning a new language, joining a team and working in the country of your dream? Edubravo is your platform to support you in international mobility! Choose your Premium offer and receive expert advice from […]


Looking for a job in London: The 8 Golden Rules

Chercher un job hors de France et à Londres en particulier présente quelques spécificités que nous souhaitons partager avec vous. Avant de vous lancer tête baissée dans l’envoi de CVs, prenez le temps de lire ces quelques prérequis qui vous feront sans doute gagner en temps et en efficacité. Par ailleurs, en vue de préparer […]


Cultural change: working abroad

Working abroad is above all a discovery, a cultural change. You have to get used to new ways of working and it’s not just a question of language barrier. Following an investigation we gathered the testimonies of several French people from all over the world. In Canada,ease of hiring is the main difference with France. […]


Negotiate your expat salary

Working abroad can be an interesting career development for you, but be careful to ensure the conditions of your expatriation and in particular your remuneration. So here’s a quick overview of the points to negotiate before you leave. Take stock with your employer of your salary,corresponding to the amount you would have received if you […]


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