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What vaccines before going abroad? Focus on measles and flu vaccine

If you live abroad or travel abroad, you should be vaccinated, this is the most comprehensive protection against certain pathologies especially in tropical regions. It is also essential to buy a healthcare insurance plan for overseas. The following vaccines are still essential typhoid fever diphtheria yellow fever (for African countries in particular) Hepatitis A, Hepatitis […]


Holiday Destination: Head to Miami before boarding for the Bahamas

Miami, the world’s largest cruise port, has for many years become a springboard for ships cruising the Caribbean. Offering a myriad of activities alongside its pristine beaches, the Floridian city already gives a taste of stays under the Bahamian sun. No matter where you live, consider taking out international health insurance to cover yourself in […]


WHV Mexico – Insurance

Good news for adventure lovers! Since September 1, 2016, Mexico has joined the list of destinations of the Working Holiday Program! Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the culture and way of life of this beautiful country while having the opportunity to engage in paid work. What is WHV? Are you between the ages of […]



Historically very rich, politically controversial, Russia is an amazing destination that never leaves indifferent. You will be captivated by their friendliness and the famous Russian soul, charged with extreme joy and tenacious melancholy. As the world’s largest country, Russia is a land of adventure at the foot of Europe. More and more people speak English, […]


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