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Tourism around the world in 2010 and 2030

The French now go more to Spain and Italy than to the rest of the world. But French tourists are increasingly going to visit the countries of Asia, Oceania and America. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the number of tourists worldwide will increase by about 43 million people per year between 2010 and […]


Make a budget and manage your money

When preparing a trip, one of the first themes on which one wonders is unquestionably the budget. “How much will I have to save?”, “How much will I spend?” Assessing the amount of expenses for your travel is not always an easy operation. It all depends on the length of the trip, its destination, fluctuations […]


90,000 suitcases lost every day worldwide

According to official civil aviation statistics, tens of thousands of bags are lost every day between the various airports of the world. In total, the figure would amount to 90,000 bags per day, of which 10,000 in Europe. 80% of the luggages are found by their owner a few days later, but it is estimated […]


Testimony Amine and Ghita Backpackers

Find the testimony of globetrotters: Amine and Ghita, two Moroccans who travel the world with their backpacks. A little presentation? Amine and Ghita Backpackers is a Moroccan couple in love with travel. AG for Amine and Ghita. We celebrated on the road 30 and 28 years respectively. What is your career path? Amine studied Telecom […]


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