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Brexit: consequences for students

No one has complete control over the direct consequences of Brexit at the moment, even though Theresa May seems strict about the flow of Migrants from Europeans to Britain. “The UK is an open and tolerant country, but the message from the people has been very clear: Brexit must control the number of Europeans coming […]


Brexit news: the rights of European expats

Expected for some time by European expats living in London, the European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed on the terms of the post-Brexit transition period. It was set for December 31, 2020 and not 2019 as it was announced earlier. Will a work permit be required? You don’t need a working license to […]


BREXIT: What will happen?

June 23, 2016 is a date that future schoolchildren will remember in history as the dayWhen Europe was divided. Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, the English people decided to dissociate themselves from the European project at 51.9%. Negotiations between London and Brussels for an exit deal are very long, however, with Brexit formalising scheduled for 31 […]


The consequences of Brexit for travellers

After the famous Brexit referendum, many questions remain unanswered,especially as to what will happen to tourism exchanges between the UK and France. Travellers are already worried about whether they will now have to get a visa to visit the country. They also want to know if the European Health Insurance Card will still work after [...] More

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