Real estate from abroad: how does it work?

Thanks to digital technology, distance is no longer an obstacle in many business sectors, including real estate. Buyers and sellers can easily manage a real estate transaction in France from abroad, thanks to digital solutions that dematerialize both the documents and the process. How does it work exactly?


Real estate investment in France

Property investment is a reassuring investment for French residents and expatriates alike. In fact, it is the first choice of investment for 70% of them.

The profitability of a real estate project presents a real convincing argument, particularly in terms of its leverage effect: indeed, investing in this sector is considered to be the best-performing choice over the last 20 years, compared to savings books, gold, life insurance or even shares.

Today, the real estate sector in France presents a great opportunity. Interest rates are very attractive: the average rate is 1.44%, and is often close to 1% on a 15-year loan.

How to manage your real estate investment from abroad?

Digital technology has won over investors. According to the #Digimmo 2018 barometer conducted by Pierre et Vacances conseil, 82% of buyers use digital technology as part of their real estate project.

Investing in real estate from a distance just got a whole lot easier. Many players in the sector offer digital services to attract non-French residents wishing to acquire and manage property in the country. Digital technology is playing an important role in market transformation. Let’s take the example of visits: virtual reality, which is gaining ground in the real estate sector, enables us to visit properties from a distance.

Take My expat, for example, which offers a 100% digital, secure solution that enables expatriates to complete their real estate project remotely, with no travel costs, no loss of time and, above all, no worries.

The various stages of the real estate transaction are managed via a dedicated, secure interface where all documents are shared.

This eliminates the need to travel miles toFrance to visit a property or sign administrative documents. All the more reason for expatriate investors to rejoice.

How can I sell my property remotely?

Thanks to the dematerialization of transactions, homes can also be sold online, through real estate platforms such as SeLoger, or others that are more focused on transactions between private individuals, such as

Digital tools are an advantage for the seller: apart from removing geographical barriers, 80% of investors consider that online information enriches the real estate offer, and 62% think that online searches are more fun thanks to digital technology. What’s more, consulting customer reviews is a reflex that many buyers already have. In fact, 25% of buyers say that digital technology increases their confidence in their real estate project. All these factors encourage the buyer, and therefore present more opportunities for any owner looking to sell their property.

My Expat also offers an easy solution for French expats wishing to sell their property in Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon. The entire procedure is dematerialized, and My expat also guarantees a selection of qualified buyers whose financing has been validated.

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