Paris: France’s leading gay destination

Did you know that Paris is France’s leading destination for gay and lesbian tourists? As well as being its capital, Paris attracts thousands of LGBT travelers every year.

There are many reasons why Paris is so attractive to the gay community. Here’s a look back at this must-see event for travel enthusiasts.


Paris has long been a gay-friendly destination. Over the years, the city has adjusted to ever-increasing demand. This is very much in evidence in the Marais, the gay district of the City of Light. This is where you’ll find the main establishments for the gay and lesbian community.

In his Guide gay de Paris, you’ll find a wealth of addresses and tips that attract gay travelers from all over the world. Of course, it’s not just for the bars and the Marais that tourists come to Paris.

Tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, museums, neighborhoods, the Château de Varseilles and the Champs Élysées make this a destination not to be missed. It has to be said, it’s also for its atmosphere that travelers book a plane ticket to Paris.

The city of Paris is well referenced on Google. Traveler reviews are positive, and tourists return more than once. One of the reasons for this is Paris Gay Pride, the main LGBT event for the homosexual community. Over 500,000 homosexuals take part in the Gay Pride March in the heart of Paris. A must-see summer event.

Other events are held throughout the year in Paris. There’s the LGBT film festival and the annual parties. Of course, these are just some of the points that make Paris a sure-fire favorite with the gay travel-loving community.

Paris is ranked as one of Europe’s top gay destinations, as well as internationally. Paris rivals cities such as Barcelona, London, Berlin and Montreal. A must for all those who want to live the French experience.

See you on the streets of Paris!

For your stay in France, remember to take out travel insurance!

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