5 Gay Pride events in Europe to do this year

Europe’s gay pride season is fast approaching. For the occasion, we suggest five Pride Walks to do and discover. Plan your trip in advance and make sure you’re there! Mondassur has selected the best parades for you.


Whether you’re straight or gay, supporting the cause of LGBT rights is something you should do at least once in your life. Gender equality should no longer be a battle. Yet this is still the case in many countries around the world.

Homosexuals have been demonstrating for over 50 years to obtain common rights in their own and other countries. The raison d’être of a gay pride is still there today to fight homophobia.

Paris, France

TheParis Gay Pride March attracts an average of 500,000 homosexuals and their friends. It is usually held at the end of June, but the date can vary. The parade is a unique moment in the year. The procession meets in the Marais, Paris’ famous gay district.

London, United Kingdom

Every year, nearly a million homosexuals gather in Soho to celebrate diversity. London’s Gay Pride is the UK’s leading gay rights event. London’s gay pride march is also one of the most colorful in Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of a kind, Amsterdam’s Canal Pride is a gay pride unlike any other in Europe. The parade takes place by boat on the various canals of the city center. All along the procession, thousands of people gather out of curiosity or in support of the gay movement.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is Spain’s biggest gay pride event. Every year in July, Barcelona celebrates the colors of the rainbow. A unique event not to be missed. The weekend’s program is rich and varied. A gay pride not to be missed!

Berlin, Germany

Germany’s leading gay city, Berlin, also offers its own gay pride. Very festive, there’s something for everyone. Berlin’s gay pride march is the highlight of the summer. Warning to sensitive eyes: you’ll see it all!

Most of the world’s gay pride events are held in summer. However, some gay pride marches are held in winter. Programming around the festivities is always a pleasure to experience.

Happy gay pride!

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