VIE in Mexico: instructions for use

Profile of VIE applicants

All European nationals between the ages of 18 and 28 can apply for a VIE assignment with a French company for a period of 6 to 24 months. Companies in Mexico are interested in business development, technical sales and engineering profiles. Since July 2003, compensation has been in the region of €2,196.

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How do I find a VIE?

  1. Send unsolicited applications to French companies operating in Mexico. You can find a list of member companies of the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFMCI) here.
  2. Prospect for SMEs that interest you and are likely to have an export project.
  3. Your local CCI may also have information on companies planning to set up in Mexico.
  4. Find out more on the International Volunteer Information Center website

What are the conditions for applying for a VIE visa?

  • Be between 18 and 28 years old,
  • Be French or European and in good standing with your country’s national service authorities
  • Enjoy civil rights
  • A clean criminal record

What documents do I need to submit my application?

  • Completed form
  • Passport: must be valid for at least one month beyond the date of departure from Mexico. Provide a photocopy of the passport pages with the following information: photo, holder details, passport validity.
  • Passport photo: minimum 32.0 mm x 26 mm and maximum 39.0 mm x 31.0 mm
  • Certificate from Business France.
  • Letter of commitment to a Volontariat International en Entreprise, signed and stamped, with a photocopy.
  • Attestation from the host company in Mexico guaranteeing the volunteer’s stay in Mexico, indicating the period and activities to be carried out; and from the organization responsible for paying the volunteer, indicating the amount to be received.
  • Copy of the Mexican company’s RFC.
  • Attestation from the French company indicating the period and activities to be carried out.
  • Visa fees (can be paid in cash)

What are the application procedures?

1. Applicants must submit their visa application to the following address:

Sección Consular de la Embajada de México
4, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
75002 Paris
Tel. : 01 42 86 56 20
Fax: 01 49 26 02 78
Please note that the embassy does not examine applications received by post.

Acceptance of the application :

Once the application has been accepted, the visa will be collected within two working days. If the visa applicant lives outside the Paris region, he or she can enclose a Chronopost to receive the passport.

Which health insurance is right for you?

The most important insurance conditions for expatriation are :

  • Health conditions: repatriation insurance if local treatment is insufficient
  • Access to healthcare: public and private healthcare alike
  • Financial conditions: medical expenses are covered in Mexico and other countries around the world.
  • Legal conditions: to assert your rights abroad.

Mondassur can help you choose the right expatriate health insurance in Mexico to suit your needs.

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