Mandatory Thailand travel insurance

With the coronavirus pandemic, travel insurance is required to return to Thailand. The insurance certificate must include Covid-19 coverage of at least USD 100,000. All tourists visiting Thailand must be able to provide proof of travel insurance. What may seem like a hassle to many travelers can save you a lot of money. Given the large number of travelers who still dare to venture into Thailand without travel insurance, compulsory insurance seems to be the best solution.


Travel insurance requirements for Thailand

Thailand welcomes 40 million visitors a year, including more than 800,000 from France. Visitors without travel insurance cost Thailand at least 3 billion Baths (over 78 million euros) a year for medical treatment in public hospitals (excluding pandemic figures). This measure reduces the hospital budget spent on uninsured travellers.
Thailand is renowned for its high number of road accidents, especially involving 2-wheelers. This explains the overcrowding of public hospitals and, above all, the growing number of foreigners seeking help to pay exorbitant medical bills. In the event of an accident, your travel insurance in Thailand will quickly pay for itself. It will also enable you to benefit from repatriation insurance for treatment in your home country.

Which travel insurance is right for Thailand?

Beware of credit card insurance

Some will recommend the assistance available with your bank card, which is insufficient. Please note that not all credit cards offer travel assistance. Especially since there are so many limits and restrictions. You may also not be covered if you travel to a country other than Thailand during your stay. Credit card insurance does not cover epidemics. You will not be able to obtain a travel insurance certificate for Thailand.

Take out my travel insurance for Thailand with an insurance broker

There is a wide range of travel insurance available. You can take out travel insurance when you buy your plane ticket or book your trip with your travel agent. In this case, be sure to check your travel insurance coverage. By taking out your insurance with a broker specialized in international insurance, such as Mondassur, you’ll be sure to benefit from insurance tailored to your needs. As an insurance broker, we benefit from rates negotiated directly with insurers, giving you the best cover at the best price. Request a free quote for travel insurance.
A travel insurance broker will help you compare contracts and find the one best suited to your needs and situation. Our specialization enables us to offer specific contracts for each situation, providing the best cover at very competitive rates.

Why choose Mondassur Travel Pass travel insurance?

Mondassur offers you Travel Pass insurance, tailored to your needs and providing excellent coverage of your medical expenses at a very good price.

  • Medical expenses reimbursed at 100% of actual costs, up to 500,000 Euros
  • Reimbursement of emergency dental expenses
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • 24/7 medical assistance platform
  • Free medical information telephone service available 24/7
  • Repatriation assistance and accident cover
  • Third-party liability, including for your vacation rental
  • Luggage insurance

This foreign travel insurance provides worldwide coverage for travellers up to the age of 85. You also have the option of taking out annual travel insurance, which is worthwhile if you travel abroad at least 2 times in the course of 1 year.

Mondassur saves you time by researching and selecting the insurance best suited to your situation. You can apply online and get your insurance certificate immediately. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have by e-mail or telephone.
Every policyholder has access to a 24/7 medical platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

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