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The UK is renowned for the quality of its higher education, with universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London offering top-level programs and research opportunities. International students benefit from internships, part-time jobs and post-study visas to work in the UK after their studies.

The healthcare system in the UK, known as the National Health Service (NHS), is mainly public and free at the point of use for all residents. It is funded by general taxation and provides access to primary and specialist healthcare, as well as a wide range of medical and surgical services in public hospitals.

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How to choose student insurance for China?

Although the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) provides health cover for some international students, it has limitations that may require private health insurance. The NHS covers some basic care, such as GP consultations, emergencies and some hospital treatment. International students enrolled on courses lasting more than six months are required to pay a health tax that will allow them to use the NHS.
However, some services, such as dental and eye care, are not free, and prescriptions can cost more than in a private system. In addition, there may be waiting periods for certain treatments. Students coming for less than six months are not eligible for the NHS and must therefore take out private health insurance.
Although the NHS is advantageous, international students should consider private health insurance to cover costs not covered by the NHS. Get a free quote for your UK health insurance today!

Health insurance for foreign students in China?

International students in the UK have three main health insurance options: the National Health Service (NHS), private UK health insurance, and international health insurance. The NHS offers basic coverage, but it is available for a fee, the Immigration Health Surcharge, and does not cover all care. Local private insurers offer more extensive coverage, but they can be expensive and often don’t cover students when they travel abroad, nor do they offer repatriation services.
On the other hand, an option such as Mondassur’s GoldStudent medical cover for students in the UK stands out for its comprehensive coverage. This insurance is specially designed for international students, offering protection not only while studying in the UK, but also while traveling and returning home. It includes guarantees such as repatriation assistance and civil liability, making it a comprehensive and reassuring solution for students far from home. With insurance such as Mondassur’s GoldStudent, international students benefit from financial protection and security, knowing that all their health needs are covered, whether in the UK or while traveling.

Do I need health insurance for my study visa to China?

For the National Health Service (NHS), the annual surcharge is around £470 and is compulsory as part of the visa application. However, for more comprehensive health cover, GoldStudent international student health insurance stands out. With very affordable offers, it allows great adaptability according to your needs, with variable costs depending on the cover chosen.
You should be aware that, although sometimes more expensive, local health insurance generally offers lower coverage limits and more limited benefits than international insurance. This crucial detail must be taken into account when selecting your health insurance, as it can have a significant impact on the quality and scope of the cover you receive.
To make an informed choice that suits your budget, get a free quote for your international health insurance! You’ll be able to choose from a range of cover options and formulas, guaranteeing optimal coverage tailored to your financial needs and personal situation.

How do I take out international student insurance in the UK?

When considering studying in the UK, start by checking the country’s specific health requirements. Once you’ve done this, ask for a free quote online, so you can compare the different packages on offer. If you have any questions, need recommendations or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors. They are here to guide you through this important process.
It’s easy to subscribe online. Once you have completed this step, you will receive your international health insurance certificate. Keep it in a safe place, as you may need it for certain administrative procedures related to your study stay. In addition to this certificate, you will receive an emergency number to call in case of need, as well as additional information and resources to support you throughout your stay in the UK. With GoldStudent, you’re assured of comprehensive coverage and ongoing support, so you can concentrate fully on your studies.

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