What is the difference between insurance benefits and assistance benefits ?

In the event of an accident or illness abroad, your assistance and travel insurance contracts can guarantee you assistance or compensation. Under what conditions do they intervene and what guarantees do you have?

How to distinguish between an insurance contract and an assistance contrac?

An insurance policy provides you with financial compensation in the event of an accident.

An assistance contract guarantees you material and logistical support in the event of an incident.

These are therefore two quite distinct guarantees.

Services offered by the assistance contract

An assistance contract will take care of logistics and organisation.
If you are seriously ill or cause yourself a serious injury while travelling in a country that does not have sufficient medical facilities to cure you, assistance will guarantee repatriation.
Unlike some insurance policies, an assistance contract is completely optional. However, it can be comfortable to take out one when a situation requires emergency assistance.

The guarantees offered by the insurance contract

Travel insurance is a term that includes different types of insurance for a trip:

Travel assistance insurance: the solution if you need medical help or have problems with your car while travelling.
Cancellation insurance: this insurance comes into play if you have to cancel your trip. The insurer reimburses the costs of your trip.
Luggage insurance: you are compensated if your luggage is stolen or damaged

Unlike assistance, insurance involves financial compensation, a refund, when the insured risk occurs. This is the case with health insurance, which will compensate you for your medical expenses if you fall ill abroad.

It is essential to have a contract that insures you and offers you assistance services. Assistance alone is not enough abroad. Travel insurance is much more extensive than travel assistance. Taking out travel insurance is the best way to leave with peace of mind!

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