How does international wage portage work?

International wage portage offers a tripartite relationship between the consultant, his client and the porting company. It allows consultants to carry out assignments while relieving themselves of administrative constraints. It confers a status which makes it possible to combine the advantages of salaried employment and the autonomy of entrepreneurship.
In short, the worn research its missions itself. The portage company, in return for a commission taken from the professional’s turnover, takes care of all the administrative tasks relating to settling abroad. She also pays him remuneration.
Wage portage is very popular with those who choose to become freelance to carry out their activity independently.

What is the principle of international wage portage?

The portage company takes care of the procedures for:

  • Bring the employee legally
  • Provide the employee with remuneration

It allows the employee to carry out service contracts or assignments for a foreign client company. Depending on the type of assignment carried out, the employee must opt for a seconded or expatriate status.

  • As a seconded employee, the employee carries out short-term or time-limited assignments. This limit depends on the country of posting. It does not exceed 12 months and is renewable once for a country belonging to the European Union.
  • If the employee is an expatriate, this means that his assignment is longer. The employee must therefore adhere to the social security of the host country.

What is the role of a portage company?

The company supports the employee in all of their choices and administrative and legal procedures such as:

  • The creation of the status of worker abroad
  • Management of expatriation costs
  • Membership of health insurance, repatriation assistance and even other insurance such as civil liability.

Who is wage portage for?

It is aimed at all professionals wishing to develop their activity abroad, and therefore to several professional profiles such as:

  • Consultants, interim managers and experienced executives, wishing to carry out missions in a territory on behalf of clients located abroad. This exclusively or in parallel with missions carried out for clients located in another territory.
  • Professionals wishing to work occasionally or permanently abroad. They keep their social benefits and receive more or less extensive assistance.
  • Experienced consultants who take up their post in a foreign country where living and working conditions are known to be difficult (especially African and Asian countries). Wage portage allows them to secure their project and their family.

The advantages of international wage portage

The advantages for the wearer

Working within the framework of wage portage allows a certain flexibility concerning the different missions that the employee can carry out. The advantages of working abroad as a ported employee are:

  • Accept short-term assignments of one or more days
  • Approve longer term assignments spanning several months
  • Have several clients at the same time to multiply professional experiences
  • Benefit from support to better integrate the professional environment of the host country

The focused employee does not need to create a business to offer his expertise abroad. Setting up a business is both expensive and quite complex, especially in an international context where the laws of each country differ. With wage portage, the supported employee can benefit from a structure that makes possible and secures their independent activity.
Benefiting from international wage portage is a simple and effective way to retain social benefits such as: health and mutual insurance, provident and retirement insurance.

The advantages for the client company

For the company, wage portage is also advantageous. This is an opportunity to take simple and secure steps to:

  • Call on an expert abroad
  • Settle abroad. A focused expert will allow you to initiate the process of internationalization without taking any risks.

A porterage business is also:

  • Benefit from a dedicated contact and follow-up
  • A guarantee of compliance with the host country
  • Protecting your data and that of your consultants

Support for a porterage company

A porterage company also offers support including:

  1. Professional civil liability
  2. Management of expense reports
  3. Management of invoices and collections
  4. Foreign exchange transactions
  5. Tax optimization
  6. Applying for a work permit
  7. Managing immigration constraints

What health insurance for international wage portage?

By taking advantage of a wage portage abroad, the employee retains his social protection rights in his country of origin. The portage company will continue to ensure the payment of social contributions and certain tax charges. It can also offer its own company mutual that is valid abroad. However, the compensation ceiling may turn out to be insufficient if the employee travels to a country where health costs are exorbitant.
The best solution is to take out international health insurance. With Mondassur, the procedure is simple and the reimbursement period fast.

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