Professional mission abroad: protecting your employees

Why is it essential to take out specific insurance for your employees’ professional assignments?

As an employer, it is mandatory to insure your employees who are going on a professional mission. This is all the more valid when your employees go on a professional mission abroad where they do not benefit from their basic social plan.

This will also allow you to insure your service providers who intervene on an ad hoc basis or your guest clients for example at conferences and events that you could organize abroad.

Mondassur helps you in your choice of insurance professional missions abroad

Mondassur can offer you professional mission insurance contracts tailored to your needs if you send your employees on missions. Some companies vary the guarantees in terms of health care coverage, theft or deterioration of luggage, cancellation of missions, crisis management, guarantees against the risk of kidnapping or ransom, death or so pension guarantees (daily allowances, disability).

Our know-how lies in understanding your needs and knowing the different offers of insurers allowing us to offer you the best guarantees at the best rate with a high level of service and a team that can meet your employees on missions 24 hours a day around the world.

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